Jul 29, 2015


Dressing Up for a Sexy Halloween

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Do you want to wear a sexy Halloween costume this year?  Have you ever wanted to be a little more risque?  Have you ever wanted to show off more of your assets and curves?


Enjoy a sexy Halloween

Do not listen to the naysayers! There is definitely a tension around a woman’s sexual expression, the appeal of a woman’s body, and the meaning around how she dresses. A very good point for dressing sexy for Halloween is all the reasons you have to negatively label a woman don’t technically count on Halloween- they are null and void on a day that is about fantasy, dress-up, and make believe.

Halloween is for Adults

It is time to play dress up again! It is a time for house parties, formal Halloween bashes, celebrating in a parade, and in clubs! If you can pick a costume that you like, that feels good to you, happens to be sexy and revealing, more power to you! Feeling sexy is a great way to feel- it’s a feeling of freedom, confidence, and femininity.

Halloween, Boundaries and Attitude

It will not feel good to you if you are not comfortable in your own skin, if you have some lingering insecurities about your body or your appearance, or if it does not fit with your belief system. Remember, we all set our personal boundaries, so if you are uncomfortable with the sexier side of you, that’s okay, just don’t hate on the sister who is working the costume, wearing stilettos, and has a killer smile while in her Sexy Halloween Nurse costume. It’s not a day in the office, it’s Halloween!

Halloween Fashion Sense

We are not the same. We come in all colors, shades, shapes, and sizes. We are all kinds of beautiful women- some of us are more Sofia Vergara, some of us more Daisy Fuentes, and still others may be more America Ferrera or Zoe Saldana. In the day to day, how we dress has a lot to do with what we spend most our time doing, what we are interested in, and our own unique fashion sense, but celebrating a sexy Halloween is an excuse to break out of our shells and test new waters.

Halloween and Stares

There are not many times you can be as risque publicly and not feel the perceived scrutiny of others, although, it still can happen on Halloween. So what if you get the look of “what is she doing?!” Mujer, you know what you’re doing! You are feeling good in your own skin, pushing your own limits, and telling yourself, “I feel good. I look good. I am working this outfit!”

Halloween Fine Line

“I might as well go all the way and dress like a slut.” I would not suggest it. The only professional prostitute you should be portraying is Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, and that’s because we know there is a fairy tale ending. What’s important is that you feel good from the inside and that feminine energy radiates outward. Stretch your boundaries- you can be anything and anybody on Halloween. There is a sexy Halloween version for it all.

Sexy Halloween Vibe

On another note, you can also choose to not dress in a “sexy” costume and still push your limits by wearing something that heightens your connection to your own fantasies and dreams. From this place you will radiate a positive vibe- which as you know, is very sexy!

What are you dressing up as?

Note: Embrace a sexy Halloween! Have a fun, safe, and enjoyable Halloween! And remember, some costumes were not made for the office party! ;)


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Vicky Barrios

Vicky Barrios

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  1. Ok, I will confess, I was both Female Robin and SuperGirl last year and since I am on a Budget Halloween, I am going to do Female Robin again! I am totally being sexy about it too! ;)

    And on another note- I love that pic for this article! Chantilly, you are amazing with picking out the perfect pictures!

    Happy Halloween Mujeres,

  2. Beth Ortuno says:

    That’s it. Next year I’m dressing up as a soft, fuzzy bunny. I have a pattern for a costume that’s like an all-over fuzzy jumpsuit and my husband thought it looked silly. Maybe when he tests it out he will figure out it could be nice holding someone who’s soft all over :-)

  3. SO funny you should say that! I was just commenting that I am pillow-y all over! ;)


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