Aug 04, 2015


Get a Jumpstart On Your Resolultions

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Why wait until for the calendar to prompt you to resolve to get your career, health and finances together? There are many advantages to taking on new resolutions now, rather than later. Recent studies suggest that it takes approximately 66 days to develop a new habit.  That means that while most people are just starting to make good on their New Years resolution this January 1st, you’ll be more than halfway towards accomplishing some of your own. So, here are a few tips on how to get a jump start on your resolutions, and avoid the holiday hype.

Go to the gym now!

Have you ever gone to the gym in January? It’s absolutely hectic.  New Years brings new hopes for better health habits, and tons of new members at your local gym. Great for gyms, bad for you. Overcrowded gyms, long lines for machines and limited storage space can easily become deterrents for fitness newbies. So, avoid the gym-crush and get to the gym now.

Gyms are virtually empty in December, with most of their members off shopping, celebrating and promising to get back to the gym in the new year. This leaves you with a lot of space, equipment and time to take advantage of while at the gym. Now you can run for an extra ten minutes without worrying about cardio cops or drop in on a new fitness class without being wait-listed. Even personal trainers are up for grabs during the holiday season, as many experience a lull in business as their clients go on vacation, save their unused sessions for their resolutions, or just plain stop coming in all together. Take advantage of this lull and snatch up a trainer with plenty of time to dedicate to you.

Bonus: Think of all of the cute holiday dresses you’ll rock along with your new found fitness confidence.

Celebrate the holiday, not the food.

Every holiday season you tell yourself that you’ll avoid over-eating, but between the office potluck, your friend’s holiday shin-dig and Abuelita’s Christmas Eve supper-spectacular, you can already feel your resolve begin to dissolve. But hold on, you’re not out for the count yet. The holidays are fab because they are so very predictable. You know exactly what date they’ll land on and often times, invites to holiday parties are delivered way in advance. The trick to not letting holiday feasts make you feel like you’ve fallen off the early-resolution sleigh is to plan ahead. Bring your own healthy dish, commit to only eating a few of your favorite holiday treats and stay away from seconds, no matter how much your tia insists you have another helping of her famous arroz con gandules!


It doesn’t make much sense to resolve to save money after you’ve spent a ton on the holidays. Get a jump-start on reigning in your spending and keeping your wallet as plump and jolly as Santa, with tips from our resident financial guru, Adrianna Domingos-Lupher. In her column,

Give yourself the gift of career advancement!

Want to start a new job or career in the new year? Put everything in place now. Don’t wait until after January 1st to revise your resume, build credentials or ask for recommendations. Starting the job search now gives you an extra 30 days to jump head-first into a througho job search, double, triple and quadruple check your resume for typos, and practice your interviewing skills. Plus, not waiting for the calendar to prompt you into action shows that you’re able to take initiative. By the time hiring managers return from their holiday vacations your resume will be belated holiday gift they’ve been waiting for!

So, don’t wait for the New Year to start a new life. Resolutions are made everyday. Start on yours in 3, 2, 1!



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Tanisha Love Ramirez

Tanisha Love Ramirez

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