Jul 30, 2015


Dog food versus human food

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Comida, comida, comida” (“food, food, food”). Those were Mickey’s words – our next door talkative mynah bird— the moment he heard my father open the backyard door every morning to feed our menagerie before he went to work. Fast forward 30+ years and I am with my dog Frida at the vet. The vet assistant taking Frida’s medical history asks me: “What do you feed Frida?” I proudly say: “Homemade broth with sweet potatoes, chicken, and broccoli mixed with dry dog food.” As she types in the computer, she says: “you feed her human food.” I was taken aback by her comment, and could see a big “HUMAN FOOD” flashing inside my head. I did not say anything but immediately considered the following: what is dog food made of? Byproducts of human food production, hello! What is the main ingredient in dry dog food? Corn, the number one ingredient in American processed human food. Human convenience and profitability “feed” the dog food industry, and the disturbing details of dog food testing gives me the creeps. At that moment, I could also hear a modified version of Mickey’s words in my head “comida is comida.”

What do you feed your dog?


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Dharma Cortés

Dharma Cortés

Dharma E. Cortés, Ph.D. moved to the United States from her native Puerto Rico more than 25 years ago. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband and Frida Flor del Rosario, their locally rescued Puerto Rican mini-dachshund with a hint of sato pedigree. At home, they communicate in español. When she is not observing the trivial or not-so-trivial, Dharma is conducting public health research.

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