Aug 05, 2015


Do You Rent or Own Your Money?

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And no, I’m not talking about houses here.

I’m talking about your money.

I’m talking about my money.

Do you own your money? Or do you rent your money?

For the past 19 years, I’ve been renting my money.

For the past 19 years, I’ve been in debt in one way or another. Car loans, students loans, credit cards, mortgages, equity lines, business loans, and personal loans.

For the past 19 years, I’ve been paying other people for the privilege (seriously makes me want to gag) to rent their money.

Chase United Mileage Plus card offered me a deal to rent their money. And as a bonus for renting, I got a few miles and ended up taking a few trips that required me to rent even more money.

Fannie Mae made me a deal to rent their money. I rented their money and lived in a house. I used to call that owning a house but the truth is: I never owned it. I rented the money so that I could live there. Fannie Mae owned the house and they owned the money that I used to stay there.

So here’s what is interesting about renting money…

Until I am debt free – I’m still renting.

Even though I’m no longer using credit cards.

Even though I’m paying off my debt.

Even though I’m kinda militant about the evils of finance charges. And tell every checkstand clerk that offers me 15%-off-if-I-open-a-card-today my opinion of what they are doing.

I’m still using.

Just like a junkie in tenament housing.

I’m still using someone elses money. Paying to rent.

The dollars in my bank account are owed to someone else. They are not mine. I do not own them.

This gives me a very honest perspective on whether or not I should pay money for something or not.

I don’t want to rent money anymore.

I want the dollars that I earn to be mine.

I want to own them.

I want to be able to determine what I do with them.

I don’t want Bank of America or Chase or anyone else in the private life of my money. These institutions are the financial equivalent to a slumlord.

Slumlords get their name by offering a crappy place to live and making money off of other people’s misfortune. (No different than credit card companies.) Slumlords offer initial low rent to lure tenants who will not or cannot pay high rents due to lack of funds or faulty background checks. Slumlords then profit off the dependancy of the tenant while continuing to raise the rent. They prey on tenants who believe they cannot live elsewhere.

Credit card companies prey off of our weakness when it comes to instant gratification. They offer us nothing except an offer to pay for renting. They profit enormously from the dependancy that they create.

I’m done with this.

If I want to buy something right now – all I have to do is remind myself that the slumlord is paying for it. And that immediately sets me straight.

I don’t want the slumlord to pay for my stuff anymore.

I don’t want the slumlord to be in my life at all.

I’m paying the slumlord off. And I’m moving out.

To a place where I own my own money.

Talk about emancipation, baby.


There’s nothing better.


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Meadow Devor

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  1. Meadow, what a fun way to present a terribly serious problem that so many of us have!!! OY!!! I am renting my money in the worst way! For shame!

    I cringe to think about my higher education debt- I mean I am still growing this freakin’ DEBT as we speak with another 2 years of school for this goshdarn PhD- AY AY AY !

    I remember a a few years back, a creditor calling me and my response is I can’t pay right now because I’m in school. The creditor rep said, “You can’t afford school.” …hmmm…. wow… I mean I guess there was truth to that in that I am not affording higher Ed but renting my time in higher ed…. or something like that.

    Thank you for your comment in response to a note I wrote on the first article in this installment- about have a healthy sense of self-worth, love, and appreciation in order to be able to be able to say I love, claim, and own that money- it is really and truly mine! Thank you for that.

    This comment is coming in a little late due to some political and social debates today that have had the attention of many so I am hoping that maybe for today there can be a possibility of extending the giveaway!

    I am loving this installment and taking it all in to really shift my ongoing long-term committed relationship with money! ;)


  2. Mi-Ra Sane says:

    Interesting way of looking at our relationship with money and debt!

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