Jul 29, 2015


Coping With an Unexpected Death

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Coping w/ unexpected death

The sudden death of “La Diva de la Banda”, Jenni Rivera on December 9th 2012, caused by a plane crash that killed 5 other people, left her family and millions of fans devastated. People all over the world were impacted by her unexpected death, even those who were not necessarily fans. Many questioned her death and for a few days after her plane crash, people tried to rationalize the possibility of her surviving that deadly crash. In a women’s group that I run, members are still processing their feelings about her death and are slowly coming to terms with her passing. Members have been able to identify with her fans and family members as they personally have encountered the sudden loss of a loved one.

What to Expect When the Unexpected Occurs

When sudden deaths occur, like suicides, physical ailments, or freak accidents like that of Jenni Rivera, it may take a certain amount of time before our brain can process and understand the reality of what is happening. We may be overwhelmed with doubt and confusion because we are not equipped to understand sudden death. In most cases, the grief we experience is intensified since we were unable to prepare for the loss and say our proper goodbyes.

Ways to Cope

Embrace those around you grieving the same loss. Being around others that may be experiencing similar feelings can provide a level of support that others might not be able to. If necessary, seek a therapist who can help process your grief with you. There is not a specific time frame for how one should grieve so being able to do it in a healthy manner and at your own pace with someone you can trust is advisable. As with all types of grief, allowing yourself to feel the hurt you are experiencing will also aid to a healthier recovery. Coping with the sudden death of a loved one involves managing feelings of that may include shock and/or anger, learning to accept the loss, and finding a way to move on while still keeping the memory of that person alive.


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Minerva Guerrero

Minerva Guerrero

Minerva Guerrero is a graduate of The City College of New York, with a BA in psychology and an MA in Mental Health Counseling. She works in an outpatient clinic in New York as a mental health counselor where she works with individuals, couples and families. She primarily enjoys working with women, helping empower them to be the best version of themselves. When not conducting therapy, you can catch her teaching at City College and freelance writing on a wide variety of topics that include relationship issues, emotional well-being, women's issues, and self-help topics.

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