Aug 03, 2015


Chicas Latinas de Sacramento’s Founder Angela Rosas Shares Her LATINAS THINK BIG™ Experience

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We caught up with Angela Rosas, Founder and CEO of Chicas Latinas de Sacramento, to discuss her BIG IDEAS and how this fall’s LATINAS THINK BIG ™ event left a lasting impression on her and her viewing party guests! 

Tell us a little about yourself: What do you do for a living? What are your professional goals?

My two official titles are Founder, President & CEO of Chicas Latinas de Sacramento and Marketing & Business Development Coordinator for Eric Ratinoff, of Kershaw, Cutter & Ratinoff.

I’ve been at Kershaw, Cutter & Ratinoff for less than a year, prior I was working as a PR and Social Media Consultant while I further developed Chicas Latinas de Sacramento and applied for our 501©3 nonprofit status. For two years I was a full-time volunteer and part-time consultant – I feel as though I’ve just recently reentered the professional world and can now refocus on identifying my professional goals. I am very excited for this new chapter in my life!

My current goals are to gain stable funding for my organization and ultimately step down as President & CEO of Chicas Latinas de Sacramento. It is important to me that I allow a more experienced and qualified individual the opportunity to provide my organization with the leadership and experience it needs to truly make a difference and succeed in the community as a nonprofit. Once this occurs, perhaps I’ll have room to develop a more personal professional goal. Marketing and business development is a very natural role for me to have, as I thoroughly enjoy the art of story-telling, inspiring, working and building in the community, and discovering partnerships, synergies, and unique opportunities. I can only assume my professional growth and goals will continue in this direction.

How did you come across the LATINAS THINK BIG initiative and the ELLA Leadership Institute?

I have been aware of the ELLA Leadership Institute for sometime and have always wanted to be involved and share it with Chicas Latinas de Sacramento members – LATINAS THINK BIG was the perfect opportunity to make it finally happen!

I regularly follow social media discussions focused on Latinas and leadership. I was made aware of the event on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+; and I couldn’t wait to join in.

Why did you decided to host a viewing party?

I had originally planned on viewing and joining the event by myself and sharing the information with my members, should they also want to tune in. That plan faded quickly when I realized 1) my members are more likely to tune-in if I host a viewing party, 2) I want them to tune in… the more locally inspired Latinas, the better, 3) inspired Latinas = inspired discussion = inspired action… which is exactly what happened.

Angela Rosas LatinasThinkBig1

How did you invite guests to view the LTB livestream with you?

I created an Eventbrite event which I shared on both Facebook and I invited both Chicas Latinas de Sacramento members as well as community members – I didn’t want anyone to miss out on this opportunity.

Did you already know your guests from face-to-face interactions or did you connect with them online?

I knew a few of my guests, the others were “fans” of Chicas Latinas de Sacramento, or found the event by chance. It was a really great mix of individuals.

Where did you host your viewing party?

The viewing party was held at a collective workspace in Sacramento, Thinkhouse Collective. Thinkhouse is a great supporter of Chicas Latinas de Sacramento, often donating conference and meeting space to our organization for meetings and events.

Describe how the viewing party went and how it was received by guests?

Because it was held on a Friday evening, we decided to sit back, relax, and enjoy the event with a glass of wine in hand. Thinkhouse set us up in a conference room with a projector, and it worked out perfectly.

I’d say it was a great way to wind down after a long work week: Chicas Latinas de Sacramento members, wine, and inspiring presentations and discussions. Everybody really enjoyed themselves and took away something special from the event.

What kinds of discussions did the LATINAS THINK BIG event spark?

We enjoyed the diversity in presenters and the overall theme. Having attended many “women” focused conferences; I’d say this one will leave a lasting and positive impression.

The theme of our discussion was centered around, “we do it anyways.” Despite struggles, setback, and obstacles – we do it anyways. We do it because we care, we can, and we do it for ourselves. I, as well as the viewing party attendees, felt that the presentations and stories were powerful, yet oddly familiar.

While it was great to hear the stories of triumphs and the “sí, se puede” message – it wasn’t what my particular group needed to hear. What we needed to hear and appreciated the most, was the message that we were not alone in our unique struggles. Being a leader in itself can often be a struggle, being a Latina leader makes it a different kind of struggle and often a lonely experience, but we’re not alone in our struggles or our visions. The familiarity was comforting and acted as an invitation to recognize opportunities to uplift and support others.

Share three thoughts or ideas that you were able to take away from the LTB event:

  • Communicate – ideas, passions, visions

  • Connect – ideas, passions, visions

  • Support – ideas, passions, vision

We’re not alone, we have a voice, and there is power in numbers. So let’s get on the same page and make magic happen! (We were also a bit shocked by the Nielsen report – now is the time for us to communicate, our numbers are there to make a real impact.)

This fall’s LATINAS THINK BIG event was hosted by Google Hangouts On Air. To find out more about how you can host a live stream event, visit:

To learn more about Angela and Chicas Latinas de Sacramento, visit:

* Chicas Latinas de Sacramento, Mission: Our mission is to make a positive impact in both the Latin and Sacramento community by improving, connecting and embracing our culture and the community in which we call our home. (By… giving back to our community, utilizing our people and our culture to educate, inspire, and lead.)

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