Oct 02, 2014


How to make an effective fundraising ask!

Businesswoman consulting a partner

Asking total strangers for money is never easy, especially when you're a female entrepreneur and you happen to be asking for millions of dollars! For … [Continue reading...]

WalletHub Reveals The Best And Worst States For Gender Equality

women in business

In honor of Women’s Equality Day (on Aug. 26), WalletHub published the results of a study comparing the "Best and Worst Cities for Women’s … [Continue reading...]

Richard Branson’s 5 Steps for Startup Success

richard branson

Billionaire Virgin Group founder & CEO Richard Branson knows a thing or two about launching and running successful startups. He launched his first … [Continue reading...]

Proof Female CEOs Are Good For Business

fortune 1000 women-led business

Women are leading the way in big business, and we have the data to back it up. A new analysis by Fortune indicates companies with female CEOs make … [Continue reading...]

How to Think Like An Entrepreneur

anna vital

If you want to be an entrepreneur, first you have to learn how to think like one. While it's true that some entrepreneurs are born, plenty more are … [Continue reading...]

3 Tips That’ll Take You From Uninspired to Inspired


Let’s first start with what inspired me to write this post…I’ve been feeling somewhat uninspired over the last several months. I really wanted … [Continue reading...]

5 Lessons In Entrepreneurship I Learned Working On TV

stories to inspire films

If there’s anything I learned while working in local television news, it’s how to get ‘er done! Truly. The intense daily deadlines, performance … [Continue reading...]

Existing in a Male-Centric Work Environment

Portrait of happy young businesswoman

Being raised in household of older brothers had its advantages as well as its disadvantages, but the way my brothers taught me how to carry myself is … [Continue reading...]

Military Husbands – Here’s How You Can Help Your Wives With Career Options

careers for military wives

 Career Options Military WivesBy: Frida Cooper Being a part of the armed forces is a non-stop adventure, replete with challenges of its own. You … [Continue reading...]

Empowering Advice From Latina Presidents, CEOs and Entrepreneurs

latina presidents

Alright Mr. Presidents, you've all had your day. Now it's time for us to pay tribute to the many Latina presidents, CEOs and entrepreneurs that we've … [Continue reading...]

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