Jul 31, 2015


Our Aging Parents: 7 Warning Signs of Health Problems


As our parents and abuelos get older, many of us take on the responsibility of caretaker.  We do this with love and appreciation, especially … [Continue reading...]

Loving Your Partner “As Is”

husband as is

While house hunting several years ago, we came upon an old house for sale. It was being sold “as is” – no negotiations allowed, take it or … [Continue reading...]

Are You Letting Your Ex’s Familia Hold You Back in Love?


  This past Valentine’s Day you received a phone call from someone that still loves you. This call was not from your ex, but instead it was … [Continue reading...]

The Virgin Diaries: Vicky’s Story [Part II]

Virginity article

To read Part I of The Virgin Diaries: Vicky's Story, click HERE. “How are you still a virgin?” I think a number of factors played a part. Like … [Continue reading...]

The Virgin Diaries: Vicky’s Story [Part I]

Virginity article

While the more common path from adolescence to adulthood is sexual activity before marriage, that does not mean it is the only path. So maybe there … [Continue reading...]

Simple Chocolate Mug Cakes for Date Night


Chocolate Mug Cakes - Your way! I'm not exactly sure of which date I began making chocolate mug cakes, but I know it had something to do with an … [Continue reading...]

Latinas, Do You Know Your Sexual Responsibility?


The Path to Sexual Responsibility So you are a modern Latina. You’re pursuing an education or a career or have already achieved your goals for … [Continue reading...]

8 Dating & Sexual Resolutions to Attract the Love You Deserve

dating love

How to be Successful in the Dating Game So it’s the beginning of 2012 and you’re still single. Have you been dating someone where things are just … [Continue reading...]

Ask a Professional: Should I End My On Again, Off Again Relationship?


Mentoring Hermanas is a Q & A platform on Facebook where your burning questions are answered by a group of professional Latina women.  To submit … [Continue reading...]

Choosing the Best Dating Site for You

Online Dating

There are hundreds of dating sites you can try and billions of people on them. Thank goodness it’s no longer seen as the crazy thing to do! It is … [Continue reading...]

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