Aug 03, 2015


Healthy Sipping-Homemade Soda

grapefruit soda 010-1

Healthy Sipping Homemade Soda! My childhood summers in Mexico consisted of heavy amounts of dulces y soda.  From Mexico Coke (MexiCoke) to … [Continue reading...]

Two Easy & Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Children and Busy Moms


Lately I've been working outside the home more than the usual. This means a super fast crazed morning trying to get myself and the kids ready for the … [Continue reading...]

Will the New Latina Please Stand Up? How Social Media is Broadening Latina’s Image


Photo Credit: Liz Henry, CC license I am a regular contributor to the The Huffington Post 'Latino Voices,' a new section aiming to bring awareness … [Continue reading...]

Non-Spanish Fluent Latinas: “Don’t Judge Us”


[Continue reading...]

Celebrate Brunch ~ Coconut Mango Bread


Spring is here!  With Easter around the corner I wanted to share with an easy brunch idea.  Coconut mango cake is widely popular on our family … [Continue reading...]

Celebrating Cuaresma (Lent) with Enfrijoladas

Enfrijoladas for Lent

The Lenten season is upon us.  In these 40 days, we dedicate time to reflect on our lives, treasure our blessings and help those in need. As … [Continue reading...]

Join us for a Twitter Party about AfroLatina Women!

Empowered AfroLatina Twitter Party Logo

Add Your Voice to the Discussion! The month of March is all about empowering women and on New Latina, we’re taking it one step further to share … [Continue reading...]

Rise in Intermarriage: Latinos are Second Highest in “Marrying Out”


Last year, we reported on the rise of intermarriage among Latinos and wrote about why Latina women were marrying non-Latinos.  This week, the Pew … [Continue reading...]

Finding Childhood Comforts In Food: Sopa de Fideos


During this time of year, when the weather begins to cool off, when the jackets, long sleeve shirts and the pants are pulled out from their long … [Continue reading...]

Los Piropos: Do They Make You Feel Sexy or Mad?


The Birth & History of Piropos "Piropos" is the Spanish word for cat-calling, flirtatious comments usually directed at women by men on the … [Continue reading...]

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