Jul 31, 2015


7 Spanish Idioms That’ll Inspire You To Think BIG

Spanish platitudes

We all grew up with abuelas whose favorite sayings sometimes left us at a loss. “What do you mean, “Crea fama y échate a dormir?” More often … [Continue reading...]

Latina-Americana: How Traditions Fit Into Our Lives


  Staying true to the traditions of both my cultures – as a Latina and an Americana – has defined my identity. However, over the … [Continue reading...]

Growing Up With My Abuelas

my abuelas cubana

 My abuelas have always lived nearby. In fact, for most of my early childhood, they lived on the same block (one was across the street!).This was … [Continue reading...]

Is Your Smartphone Ruining Your Relationships?

social media affect relationships

Social media and smartphones  have  completely revolutionized human interaction. I can honestly say that I don't need to talk with my close friends … [Continue reading...]

Ring in the New Year with a New Latini


Happy New Year from New Latina!! Let’s celebrate the end of a wonderful year and look forward to 2012! In honor of New Latina I share with you a … [Continue reading...]

A Latina Christmas Eve – Ensalada de Noche Buena

A Latina Christmas Eve - Ensalada de Noche Buena

Happy Holidays from New Latina!! In Spanish Noche Buena means “Good Night.” In the month of December Noche Buena for Latinos becomes a … [Continue reading...]

Best Latino Children’s Books to Gift this Holiday Season

Latino children's books

Unlike toys and electronics, children's fascination with books--or rather, the stories told in books--stay with them well into the New Year, and … [Continue reading...]

Today’s Modern Latina Woman

Modern Latina Women

  In today’s age, Latinas all over the world are breaking the stigma of what it used to mean to be a Latina woman decades ago. Latina women … [Continue reading...]

Boosting Self-Esteem in Latina Teens

Latina Teens' Self-Esteem

  How many women do you know have struggled with their self-esteem? I happen to know a significant amount of women who have from time to time, … [Continue reading...]

Easy Latina Sweet – Guava Bars

guava bars 045

Guava Bars!  I love baking.  It's my guilty pleasure, my selfish indulgence and sometimes my only alone time.  Would I love to bake all day … [Continue reading...]

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