Aug 04, 2015


PLEASURE Is NOT A Dirty Word: Empower Your Sexuality Mujer!

NL PLEASURE Is Not A Dirty Word

“ A "Latina’s Place” In Sexuality As Latinas, many of us learned about our “roles” in sexuality while we were helping our mamis, tias … [Continue reading...]

Think Like a Millionaire: Start with Your T.E.A.

thoughts, emotions, actions

Part I of the Awakening the Millionaire Mind post defined the poverty mindset and described how it limits us in all areas of our lives.  It also … [Continue reading...]

The Discomfort Zone: The Road to Growth & Success


Christopher was an intelligent 41-year-old accountant when he came to me looking to "re-brand" himself in the second half of his life. Though he had a … [Continue reading...]

Discovering the Areas in Your Life That Need More Attention

life wheel 3

The Life Wheel If you're feeling out of sorts, unfulfilled, exhausted or empty, keep reading.  Today, I am going to share with you a useful … [Continue reading...]

Latinas Open Up About Their Struggle With Weight and Beauty Ideals: “It Starts Young…”


Trying to live up to impossible beauty ideals is one of the most distressing problems plaguing women today. We all too easily join ranks with the … [Continue reading...]

What I Have Learned in Life So Far….

Life Lessons Photo

[Continue reading...]

Loving Your Partner “As Is”

husband as is

While house hunting several years ago, we came upon an old house for sale. It was being sold “as is” – no negotiations allowed, take it or … [Continue reading...]

Are You Letting Your Ex’s Familia Hold You Back in Love?


  This past Valentine’s Day you received a phone call from someone that still loves you. This call was not from your ex, but instead it was … [Continue reading...]

We’ve Come a Long Way…Not

Women History Month

This year's Women's History Month theme is Women Education and Women Empowerment -- my two life passions as a woman and professional.  But I can't … [Continue reading...]

Interview with Mariela Dabbah, Author of the Upcoming Book “Poder De Mujer”

poder small

We recently interviewed Mariela Dabbah, author of the upcoming book “Poder de Mujer”. Ms. Dabbah offered insight into what it takes to find your … [Continue reading...]

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