Jul 30, 2015


Awakening the Millionaire Within

Think Big

No.  A millionaire mind has nothing to do with money.  In fact, focusing on money is the wrong mentality. When my father was 10 years old, he … [Continue reading...]

Latina and Buddhist: “I Start My Day Practicing Compassion”


At New Latina, we celebrate and honor diversity among Latina women.  The Spirituality Series showcases Latina women's faith and spirituality, … [Continue reading...]

Align Your Thoughts and Your Results Will Follow

align your thoughts

Are you feeling overdrawn, energetically burned out, or drained? Do you feel burdened, resentful, or taken advantage of? The fact is our inner world … [Continue reading...]

We Can All Do it All: A Call for Hermandad


Now more than ever, mujeres are proving that they can do it all! All of Us Can Do it All! Women can simultaneously be wives, mothers, successful … [Continue reading...]

The Impact and Power of the Words We Use

smiling Latina

The Words We Use Have A Lasting Impact Growing up, I was heavyset kid. By the time I was 11, I was shopping in the Junior section because, well, even … [Continue reading...]

Announcing the Official Launch of ELLA Leadership Institute


  For Immediate Release: Announcing the Official Launch of ELLA Leadership Institute and its Inaugural Annual Conference at Columbia … [Continue reading...]

On the Couch with Christine: How to Manage Relationship Conflict

relationship conflict

Q: We often disagree, how can we prevent relationship conflict? My boyfriend and I are both very passionate individuals with strong "character" and … [Continue reading...]

Introducing “On The Couch w/Christine Gutierrez:” An Advice Column for Latina Women (+ all women on the go)

Christine Guitierrez

An Advice Column for Latina Women NEW LATINA is excited to announce our new monthly advice column, On The Couch with Christine Gutierrez, created for … [Continue reading...]

Latina Sororities: Empowerment for Success

Latina Sororities

The college experience provides many opportunities for students to meet new people, gain leadership experience, and pursue a successful career. … [Continue reading...]

How to Communicate Effectively with Men

relationships understanding

Conversations between Los Hombres y Las Mujeres Conversations between men and women are somewhat similar to what happens when you translate something … [Continue reading...]

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