Aug 03, 2015


Make Sunday Brunch Plans, Change Them – Latin Style

Photo Credit: Victoria Garcia via Flickr

Photo Credit: Victoria Garcia via Flickr There's a Spanish saying: "El hombre propone y Dios dispone” - "Man proposes and God … [Continue reading...]

How To Be Productive [Infographic]


Want to be more productive? Procrastinate with this helpful infographic!Get a jump on everything from your career to your health to your hobbies when … [Continue reading...]

How I Saved Myself and My Career Through Self-Care

Photo credit: Tramonto sulla Val Rosandra via Flickr

This post is going to be more personal than I’ve written before. But now that I am resurfacing, I thought it would be appropriate to do so. Many … [Continue reading...]

Taking the Hard ‘Leap of Faith’

stories to inspire sarah batista

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Life Coach Lamonte  on the topic of faith.  And let’s just say this is a topic I know quite a bit … [Continue reading...]

9 Powerful Tips for Beating Social Anxiety


Do you panic when you hear the words "public speaking," or  "social networking?" Does the thought of presenting to a group of colleagues enough … [Continue reading...]

Get a Jumpstart On Your Resolultions

jumpstart your resolutions

Why wait until for the calendar to prompt you to resolve to get your career, health and finances together? There are many advantages to taking on new … [Continue reading...]

Quotes to Motivate You This Monday

Monday Motivation

  Mondays are rough! They just are! Whether you're in love with your career or you absolutely abhor your job, Mondays can be a challenge. And … [Continue reading...]

My BIG IDEA: A Bilingual Latino Travel Media Company

latinas think big

  MY BIG IDEA: A Bilingual Latino Travel Media Company By: Paula Bendfeldt-Diaz, Founder of My Journey Moving to the US … [Continue reading...]

5 Reasons We Resist Letting Go


5 Reasons We Resist Letting Go 1)   We feel scared Who wants to let go of a job, relationship, or home? Even if staying is painful, the idea of … [Continue reading...]

Discovering Your “Aha!” Moment Through Introspection and Change

aha moment, introspection

Personal essay by Lanette Perez-Villarroel via  As I sit here waiting for my oil change and car inspection, … [Continue reading...]

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