Aug 03, 2015


Latino Students Experience Lower Drop Out Rates & Higher College Enrollment

College Enrollment Increases

As we gear up for a  new school year, let's take a minute to consider the successes--and failures--of the last one! Latino Students get an A+ in … [Continue reading...]

Is Teach for America Good for America?

Is Teach For America Good For America

Did you know that only 8% of children who grow up in low-income communities graduate from college by the age of 24? Teach For America is trying to … [Continue reading...]

Coca-Cola and the Hispanic Scholarship Fund To Grant $300,000 To Latino Students With #Destapasufuturo Scholarship Fund

Destapa Tu Futuro

Did you know that only 13 percent of the Hispanic population 25 and older have a bachelor's degree or higher (2010 US Census). Coca-Cola and the … [Continue reading...]

Make The Most of Your College Experience

college success

Like many of you, my parents didn’t go to college.  It was a bit of a mystery to all of us.  Mom and Dad were excited for me and wanted me to do … [Continue reading...]

Diary of an Ivy League Mom™ – Move In Day at Harvard

Elizabeth Garcia

In 1985, I began my college years at Columbia University, and had the best four years of my life.  The oldest daughter of Dominican immigrant … [Continue reading...]

Diary of an Ivy League Mom™- Preparing for the PSAT in Seventh Grade


The Diary of an Ivy League Mom™ is a column written by Angelica Perez-Litwin, PhD, a Latina mom who's passionate about higher education and raising … [Continue reading...]

Oye! Vago! Get A Summer Job!


The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the promise of summer vacation lay open ahead of you.  WAKE UP!  Now's the time to apply for a summer … [Continue reading...]

Ditch The Cram Session: 9 Easy Ways To Avoid Cramming for Exams


The dreaded cram.  Oh how I loathe thee.  I’ll never forget the semester I decided to ditch cramming as my standard study plan for good.  It was … [Continue reading...]

Saving for College: 529 Savings Plans

Group of young graduates standing together outdoors smiling

Here it is, the holy grail of parenting -- how to save for your child’s college education.  Oh yes, we have arrived.  I will be upfront with … [Continue reading...]

Finding the Right College for You: What’s a Girl to Do?

College Applications Process

Young Latina Voices Column What’s a girl to do when figuring out the whole college thing? There are so many things to take into consideration. … [Continue reading...]

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