Aug 01, 2015


Career Spotlight on Berta Montoya, Senior Associate at New York Life

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Meet Berta Montoya, a Senior Associate in New York Life’s Latino Market division. As a Senior Associate, Berta heads New York Life’s local team and supports the company’s Latino Market Initiative. In this role, Berta recruits talented bilingual professionals and provide them with all the training and resources needed to start and have a successful career with New York Life as a Financial Services Representative. Additionally, Berta brands and markets New York Life to the Latino Community by creating Financial Literacy programs with community partners.

We connected with Berta to discuss how she impacts New York Life’s mission, and find out how new and established Latina professionals can join the New York Life team.

What is New York Life’s mission as a business?
As a business, the company wants to be known as the Latino Market Life Insurance and Financial Services Company. Through the initiative, NYL has invested over 20 million dollars into the Latino Market since 2009, with most of the investment being spent on training, offering support to our Latino representatives, and bringing Financial Literacy programs to our communities.

How do you influence NYL’s outreach to and impact on Latinas?
My role provides me with the flexibility to decide where to invest within the community and connect with community organizations that stand for the same values, pillars and beliefs as New York Life. The Latino Market Initiative has a huge focus on Latinas because they see the value Latinas bring to our economy as professionals and business owners. I enjoy bringing Latinas to New York Life, guiding them ,working with them, and helping them reach their potential and career goals.

In your expert opinion, what is one of the most common problems facing Latina job seekers today?
As a Latina and as someone who is constantly meeting Latina professionals, the biggest challenge I see is that our youth have a sense of entitlement and are not willing to work as hard anymore. Earlier generations, in my opinion, are willing to work harder and do whatever it takes, without compromising their values to become successful. Another challenge I see is that Latinas don’t showcase their accomplishments enough. As Latinas, we need to find a balance between working hard and staying grounded in order to be recognized for our work and accomplishments.

What are your top 3 tips for Latina job seekers?
• Be focused, know what you want and know where you’re going. Have a plan.
• Be disciplined.
• Be a mentor to others.

What opportunities are available at NYL today?
At New York Life, we are seeking talented bilingual Latinas to start a career within Financial Services and move up the company’s corporate ladder within the first three years. The opportunity is as follows:

• Start your own business practice with minimal capital investment.
• Receive top-notch training and resources to help you lead a successful business.
• Set your own pace and income earning potential, plus enjoy generous benefits.
• Help provide financial protection to families and business owners in your community.
• Opportunity to pursue a career in Management within 24m for those who qualify.

What inspires you to think BIG?
My life experience and my community. I come from a very humble family where mom and grandma worked long hours to raise and support our family. I learned at an early age that you have to work hard and educate yourself to have a chance at being able to help yourself and others . I am passionate about helping the Latino community achieve the American Dream. I want to let all Latinas know that the sky is the limit when you focus on your goals, regardless of your background. You can and will succeed.

Never give up, and never stop dreaming – together we can make it happen.

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Tanisha Love Ramirez

Tanisha Love Ramirez

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