Jul 30, 2015


Career Spotlight: A Career as a Social Media Professional

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Social Media Professional

This August our friends at Voxxi announced the  Most Powerful Latinas in Social Media, featuring  nineteen of America’s top Latina social media movers and shakers.  Today Latina professionals are utilizing social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Quora, Pintrest and many more, to promote companies. The demand for social media professionals is growing exponentially, and many companies are hiring full-time staff to manage their web and social media presence.

What was once a recreational pastime consisting of personal status updates and tweets has now evolved into a full-throttle career path.  Social media professionals may have different titles, such as social media strategist, social media manager or social media coordinator, and their responsibilities often fall under the umbrella of marketing and communications.  However, not all social media professionals have degrees in communications and marketing.  Social media professionals may come from various professional and educational backgrounds, but they all share three key qualifications: They are web-savvy, strategic and engaging.


Social media professionals should have  a firm grasp on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), as well as Google Analytics.  Companies want to know that their social media professionals know how to get their name to the top of a search engine search result, and can accurately analyze web traffic.


It is important that social media professionals know how to utilize SEO and web analytic tools in order create a social media strategy.  Social media professionals utilize web analytic tools to figure out how best to reach their prime consumers, build a community and promote their company’s business.  Often times these strategies become part of the companies overall business plan, and contributes to the the company’s growth.


Social media professionals must be able to accumulate “friends” or follows across multiple social media platforms for their business.  A good social media professional is able to gain new followers, maintain older followers, and regularly–and promptly–respond to their followers comments and inquiries.

Becoming a Social Media Professional

Due to the rapid growth of the social media profession many colleges and universities are beginning to offer social media-related courses. However, it is possible to become a social media professional without formal education.  Lawyers, bloggers, and stay-at-home parents have transitioned into careers as social media professionals by educating themselves via social media courses, books, articles,  and of course, social networking.  Latino social media networks, such as #Latism, and Hispanicize have contributed to the professional growth of Latinos in social media by hosting social networking events and conferences, Twitter parties and by providing a an online community for Latinos in social media to share their ideas and expand their brand.

The average social media salary is approximately $55,000, but can vary greatly due to title, responsibilities and location.  However, many social media professionals are freelancers or consultants, and are able to set their own price for their services.  If you are interested in learning more about how to become a social media professional, expanding your Latino social network or would like to attend a social networking event, follow the links below:

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Tanisha Love Ramirez

Tanisha Love Ramirez

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  1. Fabulous article on what is involved in a career as social media professional! As a lifestyle blogger, I have taken so many classes to learn about how to best use each social media platform. I have also started to attend social media conferences to continue my education and make new connections. Learning takes place every day.


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