Aug 04, 2015


Bikini Bootcamp 101: The Scoop from Celebrity Fitness Trainer, Ary Nuñez

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With beach season among us, it’s that time to show a little more skin.  Like most of us, you’re probably hesitant to wear that brand new bikini. Luckily we’ve got the scoop from celebrity fitness trainer, Ary Nuñez on everything you need to get that sexy bikini bod, from the foods you should avoid, to the workouts you should be doing to get in top notch shape!

Ary Nunez is an internationally renowned fitness personality; Nike sponsored Athlete and owner of Gotham Global Fitness, LLC. – A company founded on the principles of Eastern and Western Philosophies of training the human form.

Ary Nuñez, Internationally Renowned Fitness Personality

Avoid the Bloat

Try to avoid gas-producing foods like vegetables, beans, onions or broccoli a few days before hitting the beach, if you want to prevent bloating. But in terms of loosing abdominal fat, cutting down on certain foods is key.  “Food and diet do play a huge role in tightening the abdominal area. There are various foods and condiments that one should avoid to get rid of both belly fat and bloating,” says fitness pro Ary Nunez, the professional trainer behind pop star Rhianna’s killer abs. Nunez suggests to avoid bad fats like butter, oils, dairy, animal fats founds in bacon and red meats and fried foods. She also suggest scaling down on white starches, white rice, potatoes, pasta, sodium, sugar, carbonated drinks and even gum, which tends to promote gas in the abdomen.

Make water your best friend

Don’t underestimate the importance of drinking water. The truth is H20 really does play a big part in helping you lose weight and staying healthy. “Drinking water has tremendous health benefits, including warding off fatigue. The most important benefit with proper hydration, is that is allows flushing of toxins and helps you maintain a balanced, hydrated and clean digestive system. Water essentially protects us from bloating,” says Nunez.

 Eat all Day

There are definitely ways to reduce your calorie intake without having to skip meals or opt for a meal replacement. “Drink water!” says Nunez. “Not only does water digest food it also aids in transporting nutrients to our working muscles. The healthier the muscle, the healthier we are! Eat at least six small bites per day. Day sample: kale juice wait an hour berries, -hour — green apple, hour, turkey and swiss cheese slices, -hour-green salad with cashews and any veggie, add goat cheese, wait an hour — dinner “any fish, green veggie…digest and sleep!”

Bring on the Cardio

Nothing brings down the pounds quicker than cardio workouts. “The best cardio workouts are endurance oriented workouts such as running, biking and swimming.  I also suggest martial arts and dance. Try all of these.  You will never be bored!,” says Nunez.

Flatten the Pooch

“The best abdominal exercises are the ones I perform everyday!  Planks, small controlled contractions, knee lifts and kicks for dear life!”, says Nunez.  Not sure if you know what you’re doing? Try Gothan Box and Gotham Drills at

Tighten Up

Believe it or not, walking around with your stomach tucked in all the time really does help flatten it out. Engaging in small activities like that can contribute to a flatter tummy. “Women MUST engage their abdominal muscles at all times.  I promise that after a while you get used to it, it’ll be second nature.  ALSO!  Drive into yourself from the pelvic floor.  Kegel exercises are amazing whether you have had a baby or not, lifting only makes you better!” says Nunez.

Tan it

A tan or dark complexion can help your body look toner and more defined. But if you weren’t born with it, try opting for a sun-kissed complexion without actually taking in the sun. Avoiding too much sun time and using sun protection is vital, so fake it with a self-tanner like Xen Tan’s Liquid Absolute Gold for a dark tropical tan that will make you look like a goddess!

For more tips from pro celebrity fitness trainer Ary Nuñez check out and download The Gotham Workouts to help you get trim and slim this summer!  The Gotham Workouts are affordable and deliver real measurable results!


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