Jul 28, 2015


“Becoming Ricardo” – The Next Big Slap-Stick Web Comedy Series – Created by a Latina!

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Introducing “Becoming Ricardo” – The Next Big Slap-Stick Web Comedy Series

Talented Latinas are making their mark as entrepreneurs, executives, professionals and politicians.  One such Latina is JESENIA The Comedian, the creator of “Becoming Ricardo” — a comedy series about a down-and-out-actress, who in a desperate attempt to get her career moving faster, decides to audition for a lead role, in a major network TV show, as a MALE character she’s played many times before – Ricardo Montalban. With the help of her makeup artist cousin, Sonia Cruz (Sofia Rodriguez), Jesenia, lands the lead role in “CRIME, LAW AND JUSTICE” and quickly finds herself struggling to maintain a double-life! What she thought would be easy, turns her life up-side-down, as Ricardo Montalban’s career sky rockets into stardom, and Jesenia remains a struggling actress.

Somehow Ricardo has all that Jesenia wants, and Jesenia finds herself resenting the character that she’s created. How will Jesenia cope with her double life? What kinds of situations will she end up in living as a man? With her meddling mother Lydia (Lisa Velez-Mello), her crazy ex-boyfriend Josè, her new boyfriend Steven (Joel Perez), her partner-in-crime, cousin Sonia, and her Female Co-star, Vivian Vox (Giordona Aviv), who has fallen head over heels for Ricardo – Jesenia has more on her plate than she can imagine! Will someone discover her secret?


BECOMING RICARDO was created, developed and written by JESENIA The Comedian. The idea for the series is loosely based on Jesenia’s real life and experiences while playing one of her most popular online and stage characters “Ricardo Montalban”. Along with her co-writer, Jenni Ruiza, and her newly appointed Director, Tony Clomax, Jesenia is dedicated to revive the slap-stick comedy era that brought us Tootsie, I Love Lucy, Laurel and Hardy and The Honeymooners. With it’s unforgettable physical comedy, awkward moments and predominately Latino cast, BECOMING RICARDO is sure to please audiences from a variety of social backgrounds.


Jesenia and her team have begun a fundraising campaign to film a full first season of “BECOMING RICARDO” in hopes of marketing it to Cable, Satellite and Network Television channels.  They have already completed one full 16 minute episode and have finalized scripts for 10 more episodes – equaling one full season of episodes!

For more info on the Becoming Ricardo fundraiser click here: FUNDING RICARDO


JESENIA The Comedian is a Puerto Rican actress, writer, producer and director. She is a theater & film actress and has performed in both comedic and dramatic roles. Jesenia is also a stand-up comedian and has been the Head Writer, Producer, Performer and Creative Director for two sketch and Improv comedy shows, including; AY QUE FUNNY and LOCO MOTIVES.  She is also the creator, writer and starring actress in her latest show, “BECOMING RICARDO”, which is loosely based off her own life and experiences as a Latina Actress in NYC.

LISA VELEZ-MELLO (aka: Lisa Lisa) is a Puerto Rican “Latin Pop” icon with distinct vocals and a large influence on the music and world communities. Historically acknowledged as the originator of the Latin Hip Hop/Freestyle genre, Lisa Lisa gave rise to powerhouse divas such as, Gloria Estefan, Shakira, Selena, and Jennifer Lopez. During the course of her career, Lisa has also been featured in many television shows, starring for two years on the Nickelodeon network’s “Taina” and has appearing in numerous Broadway and Off Broadway shows. Still making records and performing today, Lisa Lisa’s genuine persona exudes through her music, embracing the fans into a care-free environment. It is no wonder Lisa Lisa has and will continue to reign as the Queen of Latin Hip-Hop.

SOFIA RODRIGUEZ is a Dominican actress. She studied Dramatic Arts at Talent Unlimited. She’s worked with the nonprofit Epic Theater Center. She practices her craft through film and stage. Works include African Booty Scratcher (which can be seen on HBO), Secret life of Jolie and Anna in the Tropics. She is also a recipient of a writing scholarship from the American Theatre Wing, for her short play “His name is my name too”. Sofia has also completed a 3 year run of performances in the off-Broadway hit “Platanos and Collard Greens”.

MARIO CORRY is an Italian American Actor, Director, Singer, Producer and Founder CEO of M.A.C. Films with credits such as Manipulation a short film written by C.C. Corry and Mario Corry, directed by Mario Corry M.A.C. Films. Bologna and Lettuce Sandwich written and directed by Mario Corry, part of a 5 part feature film “Lost and Found” directed by Mario Corry in production. Taming The Bull an Off Broadway play written by C.C.Corry, directed by Rob Anderson produced by Mario Corry, Something Like Penguins an Off Broadway play Produced and Directed by Mario Corry, written by Levi Wilson, nominated for Best Director and winner of Best Play Strawberry One Act Festival summer 2010, Director for Off Broadway Prodution “In Love Again” written by Joe Lizardi, The Montana Meth Project with acclaimed Director Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan).

JOEL PEREZ is a Puerto Rican Actor/ Singer . He was cast as the lead in the Broadway Tour show of “In the Heights”. He’s an Improv Performing, having studied at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade. Joel has also studied his art abroad – taking him to the notable “British American Drama Academy” in London and he also has a BA in Dramatic Arts from Tufts University.

GIORDONA AVIV is a Model/Actress from Podgorica, Montenegro. She is a SUPER MODEL in her country and very respected in that field. She came to the United States to broaden her career and implement more acting. Since coming the the U.S., she has been cast in several independent features and has appeared on Comedy Central, TruTV and the Biography Channel.

SEAN MORALES is a Chilean/American actor from Brooklyn, NY. He started his career by auditioning and working in Independent films. At an early age Sean had an interest in theater and sports but chose to stick with sports alone. It wasn’t until later in life where he decided get get back to what he enjoyed most, acting. And in 2009 he auditioned and landed a role in Code Name: Operation Black Thunder where he won “The Accolade” for best supporting actor(2010). He can also be seen in guest spots on “One Life to Live” and “As the World Turns”.

MICHAEL SIMMONS is a Puerto Rican Actor/Stunt Man/Martial Artist from. He made his acting and stunt choreographing debut with the Famous Latin Group Aventura in their hot summer video called “El Malo”. Michael is a graduate of Baruch in Business and trained in Acting for Film and Camera techniques, he has also appeared in Independent short films such as “Salvation Road” and “Love, Sex, and Kung Fu” and has become STUNT CERTIFIED under Michael Depasquale Jr. and the SASASTUNTS.com Organization. Michael Simmons is the owner of USMAKARATE.com, and works with helping children and adults and is an avid community figure.


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