Aug 02, 2015


Getting Fit, Not Flaca: Taking the ViSalus 90-Day Challenge

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Fit, Not Flaca

Making the Decision to Be Fit, Not Flaca

I’ve never been so unhealthy as I was when I lost 45 pounds in less than a year. At the time of my weight-loss, I was struggling with an undiagnosed eating disorder. I was limiting my food intake, exercising like crazy and all around abusing my body. Within 10 months, I went from “la gorda” of the family to “la flaca“. At 110 pounds I was very, very skinny. I was also very, very sick. My hair fell out in clumps, my skin became sallow and I found that I often felt dizzy or faint. It all came to a head when I found myself working overtime to balance a full-time job, grad school and life. I felt so very weak. My body was rebelling after years of mistreatment. It was at this time that I realized that flaca did not mean healthy. If I wanted to be healthy, I had to get fit.

Over the last few years, I’ve totally changed my lifestyle. Whereas I used to see food as the enemy, I now see it as fuel. I also workout differently. Before, exercise was about whittling my body down, however these days it’s about building it up and making it stronger. But even now, with my renewed outlook on health and fitness, I often find myself forgetting to eat, blowing off gym-dates and skimping on sleep. No bueno, I know. As a busy woman with a lot to do, I can’t afford to feel weak and unfocused–not again, not like before!

Taking the Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge Stay Fit

That’s why when ViSalus approached New Latina about taking the Body by Vi 90-day challenge, I jumped at the opportunity! The Body by Vi 90-day challenge is not  just another weight-loss program. In fact, it doesn’t have to be about weight loss at all. With the option to chose a program that supports fitness, athleticism and even balance, I have the opportunity to maintain my focus on being fit, not becoming flaca!


ViSalus allows participants to identify specific goals and provides participants with supplement kits that’ll support those goals. The kits available are: The Balance Kit, the Fit Kit, the Transformation Kit, the Core Kit and the Shape Kit. I’ve chosen to use the Fit Kit for my challenge. The Fit Kit  includes ViSalus’ signature Sweet Cream-flavored Shape Up protein shake, fiber-rich, nutrient-packed Nutra-Cookies, as well as ViSalus Go and ViSalus Pro energy drinks.

The challenge is perfect for me because my kit fuels me for the hectic lifestyle I live! The Shape Up protein drinks are delicious alternatives to a sit-down breakfast when I’m on the run. I just whip up a shake in my blender, put it in a to-go cup and run out into the world. The Nutra-Cookies have been yummy godsends, staving off hunger pangs and mid-afternoon sugar slumps. And the ViSalus Go and Pro drinks are perfect for keeping me energized throughout the day, giving me the extra boost I need to get my butt to the gym after a long, exhausting day. My ViSalus kit keeps me moving, keeps me going and keeps me fit.

Fit, Not Flaca

I like to add a teaspoon of natural peanut butter and a cup of light chocolate soy milk to my shakes.

Staying Fit, Fuerte and Feliz

So here I am, two weeks into my ViSalus challenge and I can honestly say that I feel better than ever. I’ve gained so much. I’ve gained energy, strength and endurance. And because I feel so energized, I’ve been able to work hard and workout harder; and believe me, it shows. My arms are more defined, my stomach is a little flatter and my legs are much stronger, all because I now have the extra energy to expend at the gym, and the right nutrients to repair my body after a challenging workout.

Right now, for the life I live, ViSalus just works. I’m the sort of person who thrives on new challenges, and the Body by Vi program provides me with both the challenge and the fuel that I need to make necessary changes in my life. In my post-eating disorder life, I want to be fit and fuerte, not flaca. And you know what? Por fin, estoy feliz!

How do you define fitness? How do you fuel your body? Share your answers in the comments below!




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Tanisha Love Ramirez

Tanisha Love Ramirez

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  1. Elizabeth Sanchez says:

    I love articles like these. They are to the point and provide lots of good information to Latina’s. I think the struggle to balance life, work, and school resonates with many women in this community. It’s nice to know that they are acknowledging issues we face and presenting solutions to help our hectic lives.

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