Aug 02, 2015


Bark, Bark, Bark for the Holidays

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There are three things I really, really love: words, dogs, and chocolate. I love mind games that involve forming, finding, and defining words. Being bilingual, I am intrigued by homonyms: words that share the same spelling and pronunciation but have different meanings. The other day I realized that there is a homonym that brings together my love for words, dogs, and chocolate: BARK. I love hearing Frida’s bark when she tries to protect me from other dogs at the park, and I love chocolate bark! Frida loves to bark and I love to make (and eat) chocolate bark.

Frida hardly ever barks inside the house, but I do make quite a bit of chocolate bark at home. These days I have been making different kinds of bark: white, milk, and dark chocolate for holiday gifts. It is so easy to make: (1) melt whatever chocolate you like; (2) add one or two kinds of chopped dried fruit (apricots, cranberries, tart cherries, candied orange peel, etc.) and your favorite nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, marcona almonds, pistachios, cashews, etc.); (3) spread mixture on a pan or baking sheet lined with wax paper; (4) chill; (5) break bark into pieces. Chocolate bark— like homonyms— is versatile. It can be served as snack, dessert, and it is also a great homemade holiday gift.

Share your favorite chocolate bark recipe and your favorite homonym with New Latina!

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Dharma Cortés

Dharma Cortés

Dharma E. Cortés, Ph.D. moved to the United States from her native Puerto Rico more than 25 years ago. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband and Frida Flor del Rosario, their locally rescued Puerto Rican mini-dachshund with a hint of sato pedigree. At home, they communicate in español. When she is not observing the trivial or not-so-trivial, Dharma is conducting public health research.

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