Aug 28, 2014


2013 Was The Year Of The Latino Entrepreneur

forbes latino

2013 was the year of the Latino Entrepreneur! Or as we like to say at the ELLA Leadership Institute: The Year Of Latinos Who Dared To Think BIG! This week, Forbes Latino  contributor Giovanni Rodriguez called 2013 “the year of the Latino entrepreneur,” due in large part to Latino trailblazers’ ability to leverage their social media prowess […]

Mix Business With Pleasure At Your Next Holiday Party

Holiday Parties Networking

Before you completely let your hair down at the next holiday party or mixer, consider this: Holiday parties are excellent opportunities for you to demonstrate the soft skills necessary to take your career to the next level in the New Year! Here are a few tips on how you can mix business with pleasure at […]

Latina Spotlight on Marjoriet Matute, Founder of Devin & Tristan Give Back


This week’s Latina Spotlight is on writer, entrepreneur, non-profit founder, Marjoriet Matute. A cancer survivor, Marjoriet was moved to give back to the organizations that helped her during her battle with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, soon after her sons were born. In 2012, she and her close family and friends launched Devin & Tristan Give Back, named for each […]

Get a Jumpstart On Your Resolultions

jumpstart your resolutions

Why wait until for the calendar to prompt you to resolve to get your career, health and finances together? There are many advantages to taking on new resolutions now, rather than later. Recent studies suggest that it takes approximately 66 days to develop a new habit.  That means that while most people are just starting to make […]

Best Latino Children’s Books to Gift this Holiday Season

Latino children's books

Unlike toys and electronics, children’s fascination with books–or rather, the stories told in books–stay with them well into the New Year, and sometimes even a lifetime. So go ahead and stuff your children’s stockings with the gift of imagination, quality time, and cultural pride this holiday season! Here are just a few Latino-authored books that […]

Spotlight On Claudia Ahrens-Hernandez, Etiquette Specialist

Latina Spotlight

In business, as in life, first impressions are the most lasting, and no one knows that better than etiquette specialist and blogger, Claudia Ahrens-Hernandez! On her blog, Cafe con Claudia, Ahrens-Hernandez shares how proper etiquette and manners can make a positive impact on individuals’ personal and professional lives. We’re honored to have the opportunity to […]

Chicas Latinas de Sacramento’s Founder Angela Rosas Shares Her LATINAS THINK BIG™ Experience

Angela Rosas

We caught up with Angela Rosas, Founder and CEO of Chicas Latinas de Sacramento, to discuss her BIG IDEAS and how this fall’s LATINAS THINK BIG ™ event left a lasting impression on her and her viewing party guests!  Tell us a little about yourself: What do you do for a living? What are your professional goals? […]

Quotes to Motivate You This Monday

Monday Motivation

  Mondays are rough! They just are! Whether you’re in love with your career or you absolutely abhor your job, Mondays can be a challenge. And that’s okay. For some of us, we’ve been socialized to rival grumpy cat on Monday mornings; we wake up annoyed, counting the hours until Friday evening arrives. For others, […]

Latina Spotlight on Singer Jasmine Clemente


Singer, songwriter, and actress Jasmine Clemente never backed down when others questioned her dreams to become a music artist. Despite not having a blueprint to success, she forged on, made connections, built on her successes, and has enjoyed the many fruits of her labor which include several singles, albums and a burgeoning acting career. Join […]

Latino Spotlight on Rod Colon, Career Coach & Entrepreneur

CEO of Me, Inc.

Multifaceted and multi-talented author, motivational speaker, and career coach Rod Colon has helped countless individuals to become the “CEO of Me, Inc.” This week, we’re shining our Latino Spotlight on Rod and his tips for career success! Read his interview, listen to his podcast, and share Rod’s wisdom with the entrepreneurs in your life.  You […]

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