Aug 01, 2015


3 Tips That’ll Take You From Uninspired to Inspired


Let’s first start with what inspired me to write this post…I’ve been feeling somewhat uninspired over the last several months. I really wanted to blame it on the miserable winter us New Yorkers experienced this past season, but it was definitely a combination of things. While speaking to friends, family and colleagues about how I […]

Today’s Modern Latina Woman

Modern Latina Women

  In today’s age, Latinas all over the world are breaking the stigma of what it used to mean to be a Latina woman decades ago. Latina women are aspiring to do more than to just catch a husband. We have careers, degrees, and hobbies that we love. We want to be active, see the […]

Keeping Skeletons in Your Closet

skeletons in closet

  While many people were taking skeletons outdoors this Halloween and for el Dia de los Muertos , it is important to remember to keep some skeletons indoors. In a closet. Locked with a key. Never to be unlocked again! Keep Some Skeletons Hidden Trust and honesty are two important traits that every healthy romantic […]

Boosting Self-Esteem in Latina Teens

Latina Teens' Self-Esteem

  How many women do you know have struggled with their self-esteem? I happen to know a significant amount of women who have from time to time, including myself.  In 2011, researchers for the Dove Self-Esteem Project found that more than 54% of women agree that they are their own worst beauty critic. Even if you don’t consider […]

Coping With an Unexpected Death

Coping w/ unexpected death

The sudden death of “La Diva de la Banda”, Jenni Rivera on December 9th 2012, caused by a plane crash that killed 5 other people, left her family and millions of fans devastated. People all over the world were impacted by her unexpected death, even those who were not necessarily fans. Many questioned her death […]

Fall in Love With Couples Counseling

couple's counseling

Love is in the air…or maybe not. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it may be hard to not think about your relationship or lack thereof. To many, V-Day is just another regular day while others like to make a big to-do. In addition to the fact that not everyone is in a relationship, […]

Resolve to Make 2013 Your Lucky Year!


  We’ve made it to another year— and not just any year, but a lucky one: 2013! I’m choosing to overlook the myth that 13 is an unlucky number, and am instead encouraging others to make 2013 a very lucky year. And as the new year rolls in so do the resolutions, so here are […]

A New Latina Guide To: Battling Anxiety


Are you or anyone you know battling anxiety? Anxiety disorders are pretty common in our society and there are multiple causes that lead to anxiety.  Anxiety can result from stressful or traumatic events,  it may be genetic, or they can be fears or phobias related to specific situations (e.g., fear of public speaking and fear […]

Have You Ever Fallen In Love with You?

Woman working in hairdressing salon

How many times have you fallen in love?  Once? Perhaps more? . When we’re truly in love with someone, we think about that person all the time and do special things for them. We want to spend time with them.  But, I ask you: Have you ever fallen in love with you? Learning to love […]

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