Jul 31, 2015


Spotlight on Lisa Velazquez, Founder/CEO of Wonder Womyn

Lisa Velazquez bio pic

Today’s New Latina Spotlight shines on Lisa Velazquez, founder & CEO of Wonder Womyn! Country of Origin or Family Heritage: I am first generation Puerto Rican and I was born in Queens, NY. I grew up in Canarsie, Brooklyn, NY. Family & cultural heritage: My father was born and raised in Aguas Buenas, Puerto Rico. […]

Celebrating the Entrepreneurial Spirit of Hair Salon Latina Owners: Isa Rodriguez!

Isa at Work

Today’s Latina Spotlight is on Isa Rodriguez, a Dominican Hair-Stylist and Owner of Lisa’s Salon in Fairview, NJ. Isa Rodriguez, a Dominican immigrant woman who came to the United States determined to achieve her American dream, talks with NEW LATINA, on her journey towards entrepreneurship, and the challenges and opportunities of being a business owner. […]

Marie Forleo: A Valuable Resource for the Entrepreneurial Latina

Marie Forleo

Are you a driven Latina with an entrepreneur spirit thinking of starting an online business? You are not alone. In today’s economy, an increasing number of women are thinking outside the box and considering alternative work options, including creating their own business.  In fact, in 2007, 29% percent of all businesses in this country were […]

Latina Leadership Training: Why It Matters


As the U.S. population increases, it is projected that by 2050, Latinos will make up 29% of the country’s population.  This means that one out of three individuals in this country will be Latino.  That’s a powerful statement. Now that the Latino presence has been established in the United States, it is imperative that we […]

Spotlight on Francesca Escoto, Life Coach


Today’s New Latina Spotlight is on Francesca Escoto, Industrial Engineer and Life Coach! Country of Origin or Family Heritage: I was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. I first came to the U.S. at the age of 11, and moved back and forth until I was 14. I came from Santo Domingo, the capital of […]

Spotlight: Lisa Quinones-Fontanez, Creator of “AutismWonderland”

Lisa Quinonez -Fontanez

Today’s New Latina’s Spotlight is on Lisa Quiñones-Fontañez, Creator of AutismWonderland!! Career and Professional Information: Legal Assistant by day. Graduate Student and Blog writer by night. Mommy at all times. Degrees You Hold: I hold a BA in English, Lehman College.  Currently pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing, City College of New York Country of Origin […]

Spotlight: Stephanie Bravo, StudentMentor.org Founder

Stephanie Bravo Headshot

Today’s New Latina Spotlight is on Stephanie Bravo, CEO and Founder of StudentMentor.Org! Country of Origin and Family Heritage: I was born and raised in San Jose, CA, USA. My dad’s parents are from Michoacan and Sonora, Mexico. My mom’s family is from Chihuahua, Mexico and Killarney, Ireland. My mom’s been on this genealogy kick […]

Spotlight: Amanda Yassin, NCCPA Board Certified Physician Assistant

Amanda 1

Today’s Spotlight is on Amanda Yassin, an NCCPA Board Certified Physician Assistant at the young age of 24.  By day, Amanda helps mothers deliver their beautiful babies, and by night she works in the emergency room!  A really busy Latina! Country of Origin or Family Heritage: My mom is from Dominican Republic and my father […]

Life Lessons from My Journey After College by Stephanie Bravo of StudentMentor.org


Contributor Stephanie Bravo of StudentMentor.org shares her journey of self-discovery today on New Latina. A very wise man once told me that no one’s path is ever a straight line. This is something that rings true over and over again in the struggles and triumphs of my life. After 6 years, long hours burning the […]

Interview with Mariela Dabbah, Author of the Upcoming Book “Poder De Mujer”

poder small

We recently interviewed Mariela Dabbah, author of the upcoming book “Poder de Mujer”. Ms. Dabbah offered insight into what it takes to find your identity, overcoming fears and challenges, and more in our New Latina one-on-one interview! What has motivated you to write “Poder de Mujer? For the past several years I have been focusing […]

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