Jul 07, 2015


The Holiday Season: Tiempo to Relax


The Holiday Season: Tiempo to Relax Thanksgiving is over and Black Friday is here! It’s the beginning of the hectic Christmas holiday season. This is the time of the year when articles and reports on how to manage the stress of the holiday season pop up everywhere. Stress during a holiday season? I don’t think […]

Shared Love of Laundry


People talk about the many ways in which humans and their dogs connect. My dog Frida and I connect through our shared love of laundry. Ever since I did my first load, I discovered my love for laundry. I do laundry several times a week even though we are only two adults at home. Frida […]

Dog food versus human food


“Comida, comida, comida” (“food, food, food”). Those were Mickey’s words – our next door talkative mynah bird— the moment he heard my father open the backyard door every morning to feed our menagerie before he went to work. Fast forward 30+ years and I am with my dog Frida at the vet. The vet assistant […]

Bark, Bark, Bark for the Holidays


There are three things I really, really love: words, dogs, and chocolate. I love mind games that involve forming, finding, and defining words. Being bilingual, I am intrigued by homonyms: words that share the same spelling and pronunciation but have different meanings. The other day I realized that there is a homonym that brings together […]

Inspirada by TED: Life Change in 30 Days

New Year's Resolutions 2012

Recently, I made public my love for TED. Some who read that confession probably thought that what I professed as love was rather infatuation. However, I am happy to report that my love for TED is evolving. I continue to watch more TED Talks. The other day I watched one that is perfect for this […]

Madly in Love with TED


My husband is the one to blame for my affair since he was the one who introduced me to TED. It all began when I complained that we were paying too much for premium cable TV. Days would go by without us turning the TV on, and when we did, we could not find anything […]

Fotografía from the inside out (en Cuba)

La quinceañera

 La Quinceañera during Cuba’s special period A Few Líneas – is a weekly column — less than 200-word posts on everyday trivial and not-so-trivial observations, by Dharma E. Cortes. Today is time for MORE than “A few líneas” because 200 words are not enough to share one of my best travel experiences ever. I recently spent a […]

How Many Stories Do Your Fotos Tell?


Photography Built-in cameras in cellphones have made photography a common occurrence in our lives.  I like photography, especially travel photography, because photos tell stories:  the camera becomes the medium through which I take in what is in front of me and the “black box” that produces the story I want to convey.  There have been […]

Homemade cereals

homemade cereals

Image source Start out your day healthy with homemade cereals The cereal aisle is probably one if not the most overrated and overpriced grocery store’s aisle if we think about the low nutritional value per dollar we derive from eating the sugar-laden concoction that most cereals are. Most adults and children eat at least 2-3 […]

Water or leche?

baby boy

As I walk into the Latino hair salon/barbershop where I get my hair done, I observe a sweet scene: a young Latino dad feeding his son a biberón of milk while he talks to his buddies and waits for his turn to get his hair cut. When I take a second look at the scene, […]

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