Aug 02, 2015


5 Reasons We Resist Letting Go


5 Reasons We Resist Letting Go 1)   We feel scared Who wants to let go of a job, relationship, or home? Even if staying is painful, the idea of leaving and facing the unknown can seen even more terrifying. So we stay longer than we should, we suffer and sacrifice because life is hard and […]

5 Things You Never Want To Say

affirmations for success

5 Things You Never Want to Say if You Want to Achieve Your Goals  1)   I Don’t have the time The fact is time is going to move forward whether we go for our goals or not. It is never going to be the right time to go back to school, start that business […]

Align Your Thoughts and Your Results Will Follow

align your thoughts

Are you feeling overdrawn, energetically burned out, or drained? Do you feel burdened, resentful, or taken advantage of? The fact is our inner world creates our outer world. As difficult as it is to hear, we are too conscious to be victims. We have too much awareness to stay stuck. What we are consciously or […]

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