Aug 05, 2015


8 Powerful Tips on Growing Your Natural Hair

Going Natural - Hair

Natural Hair 101 Going natural is the process of intentionally leaving behind harsh chemicals and heat, to allow your natural hair to grow freely. This process is different for every individual —  some people stop using chemicals and continue to straighten their hair with heat, others go natural but decide to use weaves and wigs, […]

The “My Natural Hair is Professional” Initiative

Natural Hair is Professional

My Natural Hair is Professional A growing number of Latinas are reaffirming and embracing their natural beauty by proudly growing their natural hair.  Such empowering decisions are often questioned and frowned upon society at large, as documented in this video we previously shared.  Professional settings, in particular, appear to have less tolerance for natural hair. […]

Four of Our Favorite Natural Hair Products!


I am a product junkie. In case you didn’t know, a product junkie is a person who is obsessed with trying new products and finding the next best thing. There are new natural hair products coming out everyday, so who could blame me. No need to fret; I will do all the testing for you, […]

Beauty and Identity in the Dominican Republic: A Broken Record of an Ugly Song

Natural Hair

On a bus on my way to the northern part of the Dominican Republic, Cabarete, a guy sitting next to me began a conversation with a guy sitting directly behind me. A conversation that is sadly too common in this country. They were saying that the most beautiful women in the Dominican Republic come from […]

Me Liberé: My Natural Hair Journey [New “Natural Hair” Column!]

natural hair latina

Taming my Pelo Malo for Years Have you ever sat in a beauty parlor chair with your head pulled back, tucking your ears with your hands, with an awful smell of burnt hair lingering in the air, and praying with great distress that the salonera would finally finish? Well, I have and it was the story of […]

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