Jul 30, 2015


Latina and Buddhist: “I Start My Day Practicing Compassion”


At New Latina, we celebrate and honor diversity among Latina women.  The Spirituality Series showcases Latina women’s faith and spirituality, highlighting how they choose to live a centered and guided life.   Spirituality Profile:  Yvonne Valdes Miller, Ph.D. Married, Two children Occupation:  Teaches child development and literacy education at a small private university in the […]

The Latina Leadership Network Turns 1!

Happy Birthday, ELLA Leadership Institute

This week marks the Latina Leadership Network’s first birthday! As we celebrate this wonderful milestone, we want to extend a heartfelt thank you and a big congratulations to all of our members! Your presence and participation in the LLN is what helps the group to thrive! Born on June 20th, 2013, the Latina Leadership Network […]

Disney Continues to Ignore Latinas

Latina Princess

Guest post by Andrea Charcas To young girls, princesses represent much more than the Disney franchise; they are role models, heroes, and reflections of themselves. They dream about having the courage of Mulan, the wisdom of Pocahontas, the feistiness of Tiana, and perhaps most importantly at that age, the beauty of Cinderella. However, there is […]

Saturday Familia: On a Mission to Reconnect My Suburban Children to Our Extended Family

Alexa Running

I was born and raised in Washington Heights, New York – a Dominican enclave where Spanish is the signature language in the bodegas and on the streets.  My trip to Yolanda’s beauty parlor was just an elevator ride down and a block away.  My cousins, tias, abuelos and neighbors had regular gatherings in front of our ten […]

10 Tips to Help Your Child Succeed in High School!


Finally the moment your child has been waiting for:  High school! A new school, new friends and new teachers.  Anxiety-producing, right? Perhaps.  But your child’s first year in high school is the perfect time to set the tone for the next four years to come.  Realize that from the moment she steps into the first classroom, […]

ELLA Institute – Latina Leadership Network Nominated for a Social Revolucion SXSW Award


ELLA Institute – Latina Leadership Network Nominated for a Social Revolucion SXSW Award FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 15, 2013 CONTACT: Angelica Perez-Litwin, PhD 845-535-3233, ELLAInstitute@gmail.com NYACK, NEW YORK – ELLA Institute – Latina Leadership Network (LLN), an online community on Facebook with 2,000 professional Latinas, industry experts, social media influencers and leaders, was nominated for the 2013 Social Revolucion award. Social […]

“Becoming Ricardo” – The Next Big Slap-Stick Web Comedy Series – Created by a Latina!


Introducing “Becoming Ricardo” – The Next Big Slap-Stick Web Comedy Series Talented Latinas are making their mark as entrepreneurs, executives, professionals and politicians.  One such Latina is JESENIA The Comedian, the creator of “Becoming Ricardo” — a comedy series about a down-and-out-actress, who in a desperate attempt to get her career moving faster, decides to […]

How to Communicate Effectively with Men

relationships understanding

Conversations between Los Hombres y Las Mujeres Conversations between men and women are somewhat similar to what happens when you translate something from English to Spanish.  A short sentence in English can turn out to be a verbose, long sentence in Spanish.  Isn’t that right? Similarly, men’s conversations are generally straight to the point.  Short […]

Your Blog: The Modern Resume


The Power of Blogs in Your Professional Career The traditional paper resume is passé.   Today, it’s all about your social media presence:  how you come across on LinkedIn, Twitter, your Facebook page and other social networks. If you’re building a career or business, there is nothing more telling and revealing then a blog.  In […]

Happy Youngsters More Likely to Grow Into Wealthy Adults, Study Finds


The first in-depth investigation of whether youthful happiness leads to greater wealth in later life reveals that, even allowing for other influences, happy adolescents are likely to earn more money as adults. Dr Jan-Emmanuel De Neve (UCL Political Science) and Professor Andrew Oswald (University of Warwick) analysed data from 15,000 adolescents and young adults in […]

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