Jul 28, 2015


Overcoming Seasonal Affective Disorder: Don’t Let Winter Blues Get You Down


As the temperatures get cooler and the days get shorter, many people experience winter blues.  Instead of feeling the cheer and joy of the holidays and other wintery events, millions of Americans experience a funk that comes with lack of energy, low levels of motivation and even a mild depression.  While some people don’t consider […]

Resolutions That Stick

Resolutions, Fit Latina, Alexandra Mortibitzer

After the holiday festivities that bring together friends and family, it’s time to get rid of the tree, put the menorah away for another year and plan for the upcoming year.  Part of preparing for the upcoming year is reflecting on the year that just passed, deciding what will be renewed in the upcoming year, […]

Do You Drink Too Much?

alcohol consumption, binge drinking

Do You Drink Too Much? If you are like 1 in 7 American women, the answer is YES.  Alcohol has a firm place in life in 2013 – mimosas and Bloody Mary’s at brunch, wine with dinner, beer for the game, margs with the girls after work, and the list goes on.  While every outing […]

Positive Body Image vs. the Media: Why Parents Must Engage For Healthy Daughters

Mother and Daughter

Positive Body Image vs. the Media Any time a person clicks on the television or flips through a magazine, chances are, many of the women portrayed are much thinner than the average American.  For impressionable young girls and teens, the constant bombardment of these images, which translate as the American ideal for happiness and beauty, […]

How (and Why) to Add Exercise to Your Relationship

couple exercising

The couple who works out together…stays together?  While this isn’t quite a guarantee, it’s not a stretch.  As relationships progress, the behavior of both people in the couple tend to mirror each other – and this includes health habits.  In fact, a Brigham Young study of 5,000 married couples found that when the husband was […]

Tips for Raising Healthy, Physically Active Kids

Active kids

One of the biggest health problems facing Americans is obesity – one third of all adults and one fifth of all children are obese.  Between the prevalence of unhealthy, high calorie, processed food options and the fact that more people are living increasingly sedentary lifestyles, those numbers are both expected to rise over the next […]

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