Aug 04, 2015


5 Ways To Make Date Night Fit In Your Budget

Tango at summer's end, 8/31/11 - 44

I know.  I know how expensive sitters are. I know how date night expenses can add up.  On the flip-side, I also know how expensive divorce can be.  I said it.  Divorce.  If you don’t make your marriage a priority, the opportunity costs are staggering.  Divorce is expensive from an emotional and financial perspective.  Living […]

The Married Latina Files™: Is Your Relationship Stuck In A Rut? Try Dating


Ah, the dreaded relationship rut…the inevitable, predictable routine that plagues many a long term relationship and converts a once vibrant, exciting, sexy couple into a lounge-pants-wearing, pass-the-microwave-popcorn, asleep-on-the-couch-by-9pm television vegging pals.  The conversion is so slow you hardly notice it. At first, moving in together brings its own excitement.  You finally have a shared space […]

10 Steps To Conquering La Compra (Grocery Shopping)

Grocery Shopping

La Compra is no joke!  Did you know you should spend no more than 15% of your take-home pay on food and household cleaning supplies?  Keeping your monthly grocery expense down can be a challenge, especially if you find yourself aimlessly wandering through el mercado with out a plan.  Here are 10 easy to implement […]

How Much Does It Cost To Be You?


  Have you ever stopped to think how much it costs you to be you for a month? I mean “YOU” just don’t happen…there’s a lot of work that goes into maintaining you. Your budget is pretty much a summary of what it costs you to live your life. As a savvy budget-ista, getting a […]

3 Ways To Blow Your Budget On Black Friday

Feeling guilty after shopping

Believe it or not Black Friday 2012 is just around the corner.  Commercials are in high gear and have catchy empowering songs like AC/DC’s Back In Black (a personal favorite of yours truly).  Go ahead, give it a listen.  Who wouldn’t want to shop with a fantastic theme song playing in the background?  Stores know […]

7 Ways Abuelita Saves Money On Utilities

Tips on Household budgeting

Abuelitas make for some of the toughest, feistiest, spiciest Latinas around.  And you better believe that they know how to save some money.  Here are some money saving tips from the old school the help you make the most of you budget! Old School Money Saving Tips Pontes un suéter.  Did you know that for […]

Are You House Poor?


Your home might be your castle, but is your castle bleeding your wallet dry?  Deciding how much house or apartment you can afford isn’t as easy as looking at your monthly mortgage or rent payment.  Square footage and the age of the dwelling can severely impact other associated house expenses like utilities, insurances, and maintenance, […]

Are You Turning Down Free Money?


One of the big takeaways I learned from our Latinas & Wealth survey, is that you want to learn more about how to grow your wealth via savings and investment tools.  And now that we’ve taken a hard look at how much money you really make by analyzing your paycheck, it’s time for us to […]

How Much Money Do You Really Make


Have you ever stopped to think about how much money you really make?  We all have this round, pretty number in our heads that represents our salary.  It’s typically rounded to the nearest hundred or thousand, it’s pretty to write down, and makes us feel all warm and snug when we think about it.  Unfortunately, […]

3 Common Myths About Money

Money Myths

How you treat money, how you spend, how you save (or don’t), why you buy, how you treat what you buy…it’s all in your head, Mujeres.  Suze Orman said it best, 80% of how you deal with money has nothing to do with what you do so much as it has to do with what […]

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