Aug 01, 2015


New Latina Spotlight: Anllelic Lozada

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Current Job/Professional Title: Multicultural Marketing/Product Manager @ PR Newswire; Personal Branding Coach and Marketing Consultant

Degrees You Hold :: College/University Name:
Florida International University (Miami, FL) – B.S. in Advertising; A.A. in Psycholgy and A.A. in Marketing
Nova Southeastern University (Davie, Fl) – B.S. in Business Leadership with concentration in Marketing

Country of Origin or Family Heritage :
I was born and rasied in the southeast coast of Puerto Rico – a little town called Arroyo, where there are no fast foods nor movie theaters and everybody knows each other. I went to school in the town next door, Guayama, where my senior class was only 23 – and I still keep the same bestfriends.

I moved to Miami a month after my high school graduation, in 1999, to pursue my undergraduate studies @ FIU. It was a big step for me and my family – as I’m an only child, but they have always been very supportive of my decisions and what’s the best for me. I remember the first day I arrived @ the dorm, my mom took me to the dorm laundry room and instructed me how to separate white and colors, and how to work the washer/dryer! Even though the master plan was to go back to PR after graduation, I got caught up with the city and stayed for a total of 10 years, before moving to NYC in 2009.

Professional/Social Achievements:

– My Bachelor’s & Masters Degree
– Staring my Personal Branding Coach practice
– Starting my marketing business SmallBizLatino
– Kabbalah Center volunteer
– New York Cares team leader
– Ad2Miami Advertising Federation events co-chair
– Working @ PR Newswire
– Personal Branding TV segment in “Integral USA TV”
– Personal Branding writer @ Integral USA Magazine ( and
– Marketing writer @ Business Latino Newspaper (, Periodico El Nuevo Americano (, Ahora News ( and

Who Has Inspired You to Be Your Best?: God – I’ve always felt his presence and I’m thankful for being blessed with the sensibility to learn from an early age that I came to this world to inspire people and to always seek Him.

Mom and dad – They are the reason why I’m here today and the person I have become. They have NEVER told me “you can’t” and have always pushed me to be the best I can ever be. They are warriors. Their love for me is forever UNCONDITIONAL and I’m reminded every single day.

My mentor, Cristy Clavijo-Kish – She’s the best example of work/family balance I’ve ever seen – and her big heart is just the icing on the cake. Her transformational leadership style influences and moves people. I feel blessed to be one of her favorite people. I want to be her when I grow up ;)

Oprah Winfrey – She inspires me to live the best life I can live by following my passions and being true to myself. Her journey is by itself an inspiration. The fact that she has made her million dollar personal brand from the basis of influencing and sharing is beyond inspiring.

The Rav & Karen Berg – Thanks to them, I’ve been blessed to have been found by Kabbalah, the oldest spiritual wisdom. Against all odds, they have fullfilled their mission in life – and continue doing so.

25 Million Latinas and Counting! Your thoughts?…: Latinas do it better! We are firecrackers – passionate about work, family, education, food, friends, style and culture. We need to hear more of the success stories – thank you for being an outlet to showcase these!

Countries You Have Visited and Your Favorite One:

Greek Islands (Santorini, Mykonos, etc)
Banos (Ecuador)
Vina del Mar
Santo Domingo
Puerto Plata
La Romana
St. Kitts
San Jose (Costa Rica)
Turrialba (Costa Rica)
Anchorage (Alaska)
Otawa (Canada)
Las Vegas
Los Angeles
San Diego
San Fransisco
Washington, DC
South Corolina
Oklahoma City
New Orleans

Hufff please don’t make me choose!

Okey…I would have to say Arroyo, Puerto Rico is where my heart is, NYC is where my life is, I need to go back to Amsterdam, felt in love with Florence and I wouldn’t mind living in Paris for 1 year!

Describe a Perfect Day Off From Work: It would have to be an eclectic day with my friends and family…a good sleep (no alarm clock!), having a great brunch with mimosas, then relaxing reading a great book, then sightseeing (a new city would be best), then having a fabulous tapas dinner with bottles of wine, yummy dessert and great conversation. Then end up in a nice live-music venue and dance the night out!

What Has Been Your Biggest Challenge in Life?: My move from Miami to NYC was a whole 6-month production!

What is Your Next Big Dream?: So many! I would love to write a book, do my PHD, travel to Asia & the Middle East, get married, buy an apt, have kids….

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  1. Congratulations on this spotlight, Anllelic! You deserve it, mujer!

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