Jul 05, 2015


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Whittling the Wage Gap: Where and How Women Can Outearn Men

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Recently, New Latina shared a recent study published by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, revealing that the gender wage gap has failed to narrow in the last decade, narrowing less than half of one percentage point. At present, the average American woman earns 81 cents for every dollar earned by her male counterpart.  However, […]

The Gender Wage Gap Failed to Narrow Last Year

Wage gender gap

photo: source According to a recent study written by Ariane Hegewisch and Angela Edwards, and published by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, the gender wage gap has failed to narrow in the last year.  Furthermore, the gender wage gap has not narrowed significantly in over a decade.  Hegewisch and Edwards write:  “The ratio of women’s […]

Proof Female CEOs Are Good For Business

fortune 1000 women-led business

Women are leading the way in big business, and we have the data to back it up. A new analysis by Fortune indicates companies with female CEOs make more money. “Fortune 1000 companies with female chiefs outperformed the S&P 500 index over their respective tenures,” explains Fortune’s Caroline Fairchild. Though only 51 of the Fortune 1000 companies […]

Latinas Hit Hardest By Pay Gap

latinas pay gap

Half a century has passed since President Kennedy first signed the Equal Pay Act with the intention of abolishing wage disparities based on sex. And though the pay gap between the sexes has narrowed over the last five decades, it’s done so by only 18 cents. “The gap in wages has moved at a snail’s […]

Plant Your Career in a STEM Field

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This October the Bureau of Labor Statistics announced that U.S. economy added approximately 171,000 jobs to the market, contributing to a collective sigh of relief as the country continues to rebound from a long, hard recession.  However, 3.2 million STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) field jobs remain available due to the fact that there are […]

Career Spotlight: Human Resources Professional

human resources

Last week we shared an infographic demonstrating how women are whittling the gender wage gap in four major U.S. cities and four professional fields. This week we want to share with you how to break into–and succeed in–at least one of those fields: Human Resources. In any economy the human resources professional is an important […]

How Much Money Do You Really Make


Have you ever stopped to think about how much money you really make?  We all have this round, pretty number in our heads that represents our salary.  It’s typically rounded to the nearest hundred or thousand, it’s pretty to write down, and makes us feel all warm and snug when we think about it.  Unfortunately, […]

Oye! Vago! Get A Summer Job!


The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the promise of summer vacation lay open ahead of you.  WAKE UP!  Now’s the time to apply for a summer job!

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