Aug 04, 2015


7 Beauty Steps to Help Speed Up Your A.M. Beauty Routine!

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I wish I were the kind of woman who can get myself up earlier to do my hair and makeup every morning. But, these days I need my sleep and rather get thirty more minutes of shut-eye. Check out some simple beauty steps that help speed up my beauty routine without sacrificing a single minute of bedtime!

Leave Your Beauty Goods Out

Make sure to set up some space on your vanity table to lay out all your hair products, tools and makeup the night before. Rather than having to go through all your cosmetic bags in the morning, having everything already laid out will save you loads of time.

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Forget the Shampoo

Let’s face it, there’s not always time to wash and style your hair. So make sure to have a good dry shampoo on hand. It will help remove any oils and odors from your hair and also give it some extra volume and necessary bounce. Don’t feel like you need to be spending an arm on a leg on a good one either. TresSemme, John Frieda and Dove all have some pretty affordable and effective dry shampoos!

Retouch Your Curls

Curly hair normally needs a little fixer upper in the morning. Running late? Dry shampoo isn’t going to cover it for those curls. Try a curling refreshing spray or add a leave-in conditioner to give a curls a much-needed boost!

Stay Moisturized

After washing your face, make sure to opt for a tinted moisturizer that contains SPF 15. This will save you some time from having to apply a moisturizer, sunscreen and foundation. Believe me your skin will thank you!

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Go for a 3-in-1

Shave off a few seconds, by opting for a three-in-one product for eyes, lips and cheeks.

Keep Brows Neat

Groomed, well-kept brows make all the difference. Pluck away excess hairs from brows with a tweezer in between waxing or threading appointments. Apply either a clear mascara or eyebrow gel on brows to keep them smooth and in place.

Work Your Eyes

Skip the eyeliner and opt for a good volumizing and lengthening mascara. Apply two to three coats just to upper lashes.


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Johanna Ferreira

Johanna Ferreira

Johanna Ferreira is the Beauty Blogger at New Latina. She is a freelance writer from Queens and in love with all things beauty. She has interned in the beauty and editorial departments of Self, InStyle and Latina Magazine. Johanna has also contributed to numerous other beauty sites.

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