Aug 03, 2015


7 Makeup Mistakes You Should Avoid!

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makeup mistakes

The truth is, whether we know it or not we’ve all had our fair share of makeup mistakes. These beauty blunders can give the impression you don’t have a clue about makeup (not to mention make you look like a mess).  We chatted with professional makeup artist Ericka Tapia on the makeup mistakes you may not realize you’re making. Check out these 6 common makeup mistakes and make sure to avoid them from now on!

#1 – Choosing The Wrong Foundation

Wearing a foundation shade that matches your skin tone exactly is imperative.  When you wear the wrong shade it can make you look like you’re wearing a mask. “Many women have trouble finding the right shade of foundation for their skin color. Foundation is used to even out the skin and provide coverage on blemishes, discoloration, and imperfections. Basically, it is used to enhance the complexion of your face. The best way to pick the right color foundation is to test the three closest shades to your skin from your chin to your neck. This ensures that your face and neck match. Never test foundation on your hand! Many women do this, get home and then realize the shade is completely off, ”says Erika Tapia.

#2 – Wearing Too Much

Too much makeup can leave a very caked-on and heavy look. Another problem that arises when too much foundation, powder or concealer is applied is that the makeup settles into lines highlighting wrinkles, thus making you appear older.

Most women  think natural makeup is easy to pull off when in fact, it requires some very detailed steps. But don’t fret! If you follow these simple steps, you’ll pull over a great natural look,” says Erika. Below are a few of her tips.

Prep and Prime: A great natural look starts with great skin. Make sure you’re washing your face every day and night removing makeup, dirt and oil. Moisturize with the appropriate type of moisturizer for you skin especially if it’s sensitive, dry or oily. Lastly, use a primer as a base in order to prep your face for foundation application.

Even out skin: Your choice of foundation depends on how much coverage you will need. If you have great skin, use a tinted moisturizer. If you need a little more coverage,  apply a light, pea-sized layer of foundation all over your face. When applying foundation on my face, I use my fingers always–the warmth from your hands makes the foundation melt into your skin giving you a great a flawless finish.

Glow on Girl: The key to a luminous glow is shimmer and highlighting. A highlighter lights up the face with a few dabs to your cheekbones, brow bones and the inner corners of your eyes.

Color me bad: Place a little cream blush to the apples of your cheeks and blend.

Voila! Be sure to use blotting papers or dust on a little powder to control any unwanted shine in your t-zones.If you have dry skin, you want to skip this, says Ericka.

#3 – Misusing Concealer

Concealer can work wonders if you know how to use it. It can do it all from covering blemishes to hiding dark under-eye circles. But concealer done wrong can highlight your imperfections rather than conceal them. “Most of us, regardless of skin color have areas on our face we might want to cover or blend in with the rest of our skin. Concealer does this–it can be applied before or after foundation however, I prefer after foundation. Lack of sleep and stress causes us to get dark circles under our eyes. A good concealer should be one shade lighter than your skin tone. In some cases, you may want to use a color correcting concealer to camouflage specific areas. For dark circles, choose a color correcting concealer with yellow tones. To counteract skin redness, choose a color corrector with green undertones,” says Ericka.


#4 – Clumpy Mascara

While wearing mascara is a perfect way to open up and emphasize your eyes, no one wants to see clump, spidery lashes. This usually happens if your mascara has dried out or if you applied too much. To avoid this, make sure your mascara is always closed properly and make sure to toss it after three months. Try not to apply more than 2 or 3 coats.

#5 – Visible Lip Liner

You should never wear a lip liner that’s a lot darker than the lipstick. Lip liner is meant to define your lips—that’s it! So instead trace your lip with a lip liner the same shade as your lipstick.

#6 – Flaky Lipstick

A nice bold lip can really transform your look, but no one wants to see a flaky pout. Make sure lips are smooth and polished before applying lipstick. Then after you apply lipstick, blot with a tissue. Apply a clear or matching gloss over to prevent lipstick from cracking.

#7 – Over Plucked Eyebrows

When brows are thin or over-plucked it doesn’t matter how great your makeup looks.  Brows frame the face–giving it definition and structure. Your brows are important! Over-tweezing your brows is a big no-no! A well-groomed brow can dramatically change the way a person looks. Shaping brows can also help in eliminating hair growing in unwanted places,” Erika tells us. The first step is to try growing out your brows. To speed up the process try applying castor oil to your brows every night. Once your brows are nice and full, make sure to go to a brow professional to give you the initial shape. You can try to maintain them at home with tweezers, but it’s probably better to see a professional every two weeks for touch-ups.


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Johanna Ferreira

Johanna Ferreira

Johanna Ferreira is the Beauty Blogger at New Latina. She is a freelance writer from Queens and in love with all things beauty. She has interned in the beauty and editorial departments of Self, InStyle and Latina Magazine. Johanna has also contributed to numerous other beauty sites.

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  1. great tips! I’m guilty of all of these and more. lol

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