Aug 02, 2015


5 Things You Never Want To Say

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affirmations for success 5 Things You Never Want to Say if You Want to Achieve Your Goals 

1)   I Don’t have the time
The fact is time is going to move forward whether we go for our goals or not. It is never going to be the right time to go back to school, start that business or shed that weight. We have to make a decision that NOW is my time and stick to it with ferocious determination.

: I have the time for anything that is a priority to me. Time expands to make room for my priorities. I create time for projects that I value.

2)   I don’t have the money
If you use not enough money as an excuse guess what from now until the rest of your life you will be just where your are. Same mindset +same behaviors= Same results. We have to get comfortable with a being uncomfortable. People that create wealth also have a higher risk tolerance. We don’t have to do anything reckless but take a small step outside of our comfort zone to invest in our wealth building empire. Successful people don’t have more money than others they are just more resourceful to find it if it is going to help them achieve their goals.

Affirmation: Money is energy. Right now, I proclaim that it is my inheritance and birthright. I am worthy and deserving of it and therefore it is flowing and overflowing in my life, right now.

3)   I am not smart enough
Steve Jobs founder of Apple was a billionaire at 23 years old, he said, not because he was smarter than anyone else but because he used his creativity and innovation (right brain action that he developed through long meditative walks and a practice of meditation). Psychology teaches us there is the conscious mind what we are aware of subconscious mind what is beneath the surface and the superconscious mind when we are tapped into the vortex of all the wisdom of the universe. You can tap into that if you are just still, quiet and listen to the inspiration that your intuitive faculties are trying to communicate to you.

: I am tapped into the infinite intelligence of the universe. Anything I need to know I ask, am still, listen and take action from inspired guidance.

4)   I am not worthy
This by the way is the #1 core issue that every human being regardless of race or culture face. I have found it in my life coaching private practice and Oprah on her shows in 25 years says that was the core issue of all her guests. People may say their issue is relationships, money or career but all three step from the core of not feeling worthy of success. As soon as you know that you are worthy intrinsically just by mere birthright and own that you will have people begging you for dates, job opportunities and money will fly into your lap seemingly due to the Midas touch but actually from the self esteem and self confidence that comes from knowing you are worthy by your very existence.

Affirmation: I am worthy and deserving of all good.

5)   I am too... (insert your story/excuse: too short, tall, fat, skinny, brown, white, bad childhood, too poor, too rich, too gay, too straight, too ugly, too pretty).
Let go of your story. Yes, history and herstory was written so we can recall what has happened in the past in order to take the positive learning’s we gathered and move forward.  In my private NLP sessions I help you discover what the positive learning’s are even from a horrific experience so that you can move powerfully forward to your place of power, the NOW!!!

Affirmation: I am available for more good in my life than I ever anticipated. I embrace it now. I accept it now and I allow it now. Thank you!!!!!

I hope this will help you release what is blocking you and move forward powerfully. If I can support you on your journey feel free to contact me for a complimentary 20 minute discovery session at 310-945-5651.

To your success with ease and grace,

Deborah Deras

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Deborah Deras

Deborah Deras

Deborah Deras is a sought after inspirational speaker known for her charismatic style and high energy presentations that captivates audiences. She is sought after Hispanic Spokesperson for brands such as Zest Soap, Verizon Wireless and State of California. Some of her clients include, J.P. Morgan, Macy's, State Farm Insurance and British Petroleum. She is the author of Confessions of an Adrenaline Addict: How to achieve more with less effort. Her mission is to empower Latina Leaders to be successful without compromising their health, productivity and relationships. Her Webinar series: provides a new way of working and being in the world the success with ease and grace way.

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