Jul 30, 2015


4 Things You Need To Do Every Day To Reach Your Goal

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4 tasks to accomplish goals

Are you among the next wave of Latina entrepreneurs? Entrepreneurship among Latinos has more than tripled, increasing from 577,000 dreamers to 2 million doers, according to the U.S. Census and American Community Survey data.

Having a full-time job that fulfills your livelihood is a blessing, but maybe you want more; maybe you have had a long-standing dream to be an author, a photographer, a café owner, or even “the one” to start a new niche in the market.

If this is you, take these 4 steps every day to reach your goal:

1. Read. Stay abreast of your future field – Read Tweets, posts, articles, and newsfeeds for organizations/groups in the area you hope to make a mark. If you don’t subscribe, start, so you can learn the latest news and trends. By knowing what’s going on, it will give you an edge.

2. Journal. Brainstorm and jot it down – Keep a notepad/notebook or use your cell phone’s Notes feature to capture ideas, thoughts, or the names of individuals or places that are relevant to your work. As a writer, I am constantly brainstorming and thinking of pitches – especially at bedtime – and I make sure I jot it all down before I forget them.

3. Compile. Surf and turf – Whatever your “goal” is, try to do some research each day. There are dozens of moving pieces in your puzzle. Make a list and try to tackle one thing by researching it. For instance, if you’re trying to open a café, research what you need to know about permits and licenses. Keep a favorites folder on your desktop, on your celly, and compile articles and clippings the old-fashioned way, in file folders.

4. Plan. Make appointments and set deadlines – Part of reaching your goal includes planning and doing as much of the footwork as possible along the way. Try to make appointments for any legal or agency paperwork that needs to be completed or to receive entrepreneurship guidance. Sign up for workshops or classes that will further your “goal.” And most importantly, set deadlines to keep yourself honest and on track.

While you may feel that reaching your goal is a long ways off, any goal requires mucho preparation, research, and action. And with full days, that leaves less “goal time.” Unless of course, you take these four steps every single day until your “goal” becomes a “¡Goooooooooal!”

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Elizabeth Santeramo

Elizabeth Santeramo

Elizabeth most recently blogged on Healthline.com about caring for her father with COPD, who is now on oxygen. A self-help fan since the age of 15, she attributes its teachings to the many blessings in her life, namely, starting over with family and healing. Her work has appeared in several media outlets and she has been featured on English and Spanish TV and radio shows. She is currently writing a book for young adults. A NYC chica, she’s now a Jersey Girl. Her family is from Argentina, Italy, and Spain, so food and passion abound. ¡Si! @lizunga

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