Jul 28, 2015


3 Tips That’ll Take You From Uninspired to Inspired

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Let’s first start with what inspired me to write this post…I’ve been feeling somewhat uninspired over the last several months. I really wanted to blame it on the miserable winter us New Yorkers experienced this past season, but it was definitely a combination of things. While speaking to friends, family and colleagues about how I was feeling, I realized that a lot of people experience a “drought” from time to time. Here I will share a few tips that helped get me out of my un-inspired mood.


This is by far the hardest thing to do but I am just throwing it out there as one of the most important things you will ever have to do in life. I know it is very hard to take a step back from our busy daily lives that include work, spouses, children, family and friends but you have to take care of yourself. This includes taking a mental health day from work if you really need to, making sure that someone can watch your children for an evening while you pull your thoughts together, or just a simple break from cooking dinner every night and going out either with your girlfriends or your partner for support.  When you work beyond your mental capacity, you put yourself in a position to be overly drained and you dull any chances of inspiration entering your life.


As the smart woman that you are, you may find that you have a ton of amazing ideas flowing through your head at any given moment in time.  I consider that to be a gift, but as with all gifts, you need to know how to utilize it to your best advantage. Working on too many great ideas at the same time can hurt you in the long run if it’s not done properly. You might overwhelm yourself with more than you can handle and the result won’t be your best work. If you’re working on one or two goals at a time and you get a wonderful idea that you can’t resist, write it down and come back to it. It’s better to give your all to everything you do, especially if it’s something you’re passionate about, than to just give it your leftover energy.


Even though taking some “down time” felt somewhat unnatural to me, being able to take a break gave me some new inspiration. Being able to take a breath of fresh air enables you to come back better than ever and do what you are meant and love to do.  Writer’s block is a real concept that doesn’t just apply to writing a book. It also applies to your life. Sometimes you just have to put the pen down and come back to it later. That is how some of the best books are written. Give yourself the opportunity to write the best life story you can.

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Minerva Guerrero

Minerva Guerrero

Minerva Guerrero is a graduate of The City College of New York, with a BA in psychology and an MA in Mental Health Counseling. She works in an outpatient clinic in New York as a mental health counselor where she works with individuals, couples and families. She primarily enjoys working with women, helping empower them to be the best version of themselves. When not conducting therapy, you can catch her teaching at City College and freelance writing on a wide variety of topics that include relationship issues, emotional well-being, women's issues, and self-help topics.

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