Jul 30, 2015


Despite Higher Education, Latinas Graduate to High Pay Gap

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  By Laura Pereyra Latina women have made progress in attaining more higher education in the United States. Today, Latinos make up a record 16.5% of college enrollments, which makes them the largest minority to go to college. This should translate into higher paying jobs and a more equitable pay gap, right? Not quite exactly. Today, […]

Latina Cubicle Confidential™- Executive Presence: THE Leadership Skill for Latinas to Master

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In Malcolm Gladwell’s best seller Blink, we learned that only 14.5% of men in the US are six feet tall and above—but 58% of all Fortune 500 CEOs are tall.   Is it a coincidence?  Not at all. Physical appearance is one of three subtle and not so subtle factors that are associated with Executive Presence.  […]

Health, Wellness and Prevention Services for Latinas

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By Marian M. Inguanzo, MSW, ACSW, C-ASWCM During my professional career as a social worker I have had the pleasure of working with clients from a variety of social and economic backgrounds. I have also had the distinct honor of being asked by my colleagues in the social service field to present papers at professional conferences. […]

Affordable Health Insurance for New York’s Small Businesses and Workers


By U.S. Health and Human Services Regional Director, Dr. Jaime R. Torres U.S. Small Business Administration Acting Regional Administrator, Bernard Paprocki For years, we had a health insurance market that was broken for small businesses.  Because they had less bargaining power, small businesses paid an average of 18% more for the same health insurance plan offered […]

Spotlight on Graciela Tiscareño-Sato, Founder of Gracefully Global Group, LLC & Author


Graciela Tiscareño-Sato is a successful entrepreneur, an award-winning author, a public speaker, a mami and a Latinnovator extraordinaire! Graciela’s publishing and marketing firm Gracefully Global, LLC is the premiere publisher of entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership stories from the Latino community, her award-winning book Latinnovating is used in college classrooms across the country and her new children’s book Good Night Captain Mama promises […]

Latina Sororities: The New Renaissance Women

Latina Friends

Latina Sororities Create, Enhance and Expand Communities The mission of a Latina sorority is to enhance members’ educational and social value through their academic, personal and professional participation in the community. In addition to its mission, Latina sororities are committed to developing members’ leadership skills. Latina sororities’ view of their leadership is value-neutral and inclusive—it […]

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