Aug 01, 2015


Easy Ropa Vieja Recipe con Chipotle


Easy Ropa Vieja Recipe con Chipotle Ropa Vieja means old clothes in Spanish.  The name gives nod to the shredded results of the meat and vegetable as in old rags of clothes. This Cuban dish is pure comfort. Served over rice along with a crusty hunk of bread to soak up every last bit of the amazing sauce.  I […]

Latina Spotlight on Xiomara A. Sosa, Mental Health Professional and Founder of the National Hispanic Mental Health Professionals Advocacy Network

Xiomara Sosa, Latina Spotlight

  This week’s Latina Spotlight is on Xiomara A. Sosa, mental health professional, mental health advocate and founder of the National Hispanic Mental Health Professionals Advocacy Network.  As a Latina, a veteran and a mental health professional, Xiomara has dedicated her career to ensuring that often underserved populations, such as the Latino community and U.S. […]

On the Couch with Christine: How to Manage Relationship Conflict

relationship conflict

Q: We often disagree, how can we prevent relationship conflict? My boyfriend and I are both very passionate individuals with strong “character” and opinions. We see things from verrrrry different perspectives. In our conversations we find ourselves getting gridlocked and frustrated because we often don’t understand the other’s thoughts and opinions and/or don’t understand why […]

“Becoming Ricardo” – The Next Big Slap-Stick Web Comedy Series – Created by a Latina!


Introducing “Becoming Ricardo” – The Next Big Slap-Stick Web Comedy Series Talented Latinas are making their mark as entrepreneurs, executives, professionals and politicians.  One such Latina is JESENIA The Comedian, the creator of “Becoming Ricardo” — a comedy series about a down-and-out-actress, who in a desperate attempt to get her career moving faster, decides to […]

Healthy Eating: Why Healthy Fats Matter

Coconut Oil

Healthy Fats & Oils Today, I want to talk to you about unhealthy and healthy fats and oils.  You may be wondering why, but not all oils and fats are created equal. Heavily processed, hydrogenated “trans” fats and oils that are used in prepared, packaged foods can be extremely damaging to the body.  On the […]

Introducing “On The Couch w/Christine Gutierrez:” An Advice Column for Latina Women (+ all women on the go)

Christine Guitierrez

An Advice Column for Latina Women NEW LATINA is excited to announce our new monthly advice column, On The Couch with Christine Gutierrez, created for latina woman and really all women who might just need some anonymous and psychologically savvy advice. This is an advice column’s intention is to give advice for your modern issues, […]

10 Steps To Conquering La Compra (Grocery Shopping)

Grocery Shopping

La Compra is no joke!  Did you know you should spend no more than 15% of your take-home pay on food and household cleaning supplies?  Keeping your monthly grocery expense down can be a challenge, especially if you find yourself aimlessly wandering through el mercado with out a plan.  Here are 10 easy to implement […]

Latina Cubicle Confidential™- Claim Your Power through your Professional Network


7 Sources of Professional Power This is part 3, in a four part series. In my last two articles (Part I and Part II ), I have focused on four of the seven sources of professional power:  relationships, information, expertise and a person’s position or role within an organization. These have been identified in a study […]

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