Aug 04, 2015


Tips for Raising Healthy, Physically Active Kids

Active kids

One of the biggest health problems facing Americans is obesity – one third of all adults and one fifth of all children are obese.  Between the prevalence of unhealthy, high calorie, processed food options and the fact that more people are living increasingly sedentary lifestyles, those numbers are both expected to rise over the next […]

Latina Spotlight on Natalie Boden, Founder of BodenPR


New Latina is excited to present this week’s Latina Spotlight on Natalie Boden, founder of BodenPR. A highly sought after public relations professional, Natalie built BodenPR from the ground up, establishing a business model that successfully taps into the ever-expanding, ever-succeeding Latina business market. Natalie, a businesswoman and a mother of two, works tirelessly to […]

The ELLA Institute Latina Leadership Network Celebrates Justice Sonia Sotomayor with a Meet Up Event, in Partnership with LAM Network

bay area launch, latina leadership network, ella institute, sonia sotomayor

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE San Francisco Bay Area, CA – January 22, 2013 – ELLA Leadership Institute, founding organization of the successful Latina Leadership Network on Facebook, will celebrate Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s visit to the Bay Area with an ELLA Institute Latina Leadership Network Meet Up on Monday, January 28th, 2013.  This networking event will bring together local […]

On the Couch with Christine: How To Be Free and Move On From A Traumatic Experience


How Can I love myself enough to let myself be free and move on from a traumatic experience?  Let me start off by saying you are an inspiration to us women at your hindsight. My question, As a woman, when dealing with traumatic experiences and letting go of it, how can I not let those […]

Latina Spotlight on Erika Batista, Entrepreneur, Fashion Blogger, Owner of Lola Blue, the Closet.

Lola Blue, the Closet

This week’s Latina Spotlight is on Erika Batista, fashion blogger and owner of Lola Blue, the Closet. Erika has transformed her fashion obsession into a successful online jewelry boutique and popular fashion blog. A dedicated mother and wife, Erika is determined to walk her own path–in fabulous high heels–setting an example for her family, her […]

Watch Cuban American Richard Blanco’s Inspiring Inaugural Poem


Latinos Take Center Stage at 2013 Inauguration Today was an inspiring day for so many Americans, but it was an especially proud day for Latinos across the country.  As we watched U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor swear in our Vice President, the first Latino and fourth woman to do so, there was a buzz […]

Share Your Story With New Latina & the National Hispanic Mental Health Professionals Advocacy Network

mental health

As The Get-Right! Organization, Inc. (Get-Right!)’s ongoing effort through the National Hispanic Mental Health Professionals Advocacy Network (HMHP) initiative, we are courageously telling the true life stories of mental health and mental illness as experienced by members of our communities. This is in line with HMHP’s mission to promote education, awareness and advocacy for the mental health services needs […]

Update your Career, Financial and Health Status with These Handy Apps

Career, health and financial apps

Life may not come with an easy button, but smart phones can give you access to a seemingly endless supply of buttons—or apps—that will make your life a whole lot easier! We here at New Latina want to share with you a few handy apps that will help you stay organized, connected and motivated as […]

Resolve to Make 2013 Your Lucky Year!


  We’ve made it to another year— and not just any year, but a lucky one: 2013! I’m choosing to overlook the myth that 13 is an unlucky number, and am instead encouraging others to make 2013 a very lucky year. And as the new year rolls in so do the resolutions, so here are […]

New Futuro Presents the My New Futuro Scholarship Contest


New Futuro wants to help students pursue their picture-perfect future by providing them with the opportunity to win one of three New Futuro scholarship prizes! To kick off 2013, New Futuro has launched the My New Futuro Scholarship Contest, a new scholarship opportunity to help students get the resources they need to pay for college. Students can […]

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