Jul 07, 2015


3 Ways To Blow Your Budget On Black Friday

Feeling guilty after shopping

Believe it or not Black Friday 2012 is just around the corner.  Commercials are in high gear and have catchy empowering songs like AC/DC’s Back In Black (a personal favorite of yours truly).  Go ahead, give it a listen.  Who wouldn’t want to shop with a fantastic theme song playing in the background?  Stores know […]

Getting Past Your Limiting Beliefs

Beautiful Happy Hispanic Woman Smiling

  Welcome to the first installment of New Latina’s new column with “Keepin’ It Real Guru”, Vasavi Kumar.  Vasavi is a LMSW, MSEd committed to encouraging people to be totally free in their lives. Her philosophy: true success begins with knowing who you truly are.  In the field of personal growth and spiritual development there is […]

Boni Candelario: Career Strategy and Empowerment Expert

Boni Candelario, Coachmup, Coach

Career strategy and empowerment expert, Boni Candelario inspires clients to get ahead in their careers by recognizing and showcasing their professional strengths, and embracing networking, management and leadership strategies. An active member of the Yale University community, Boni works in Yale’s Organizational Effectiveness department, and is of the career development committee for the Yale Latino Networking Group.  A […]

Entitlement Is Not A Dirty Word: A Reflection On The Pursuit Of A Life Well Earned


This is a dissertation reflection written by Sofia Pertuz, a doctoral student, and Assistant Dean & Director of the Office of Multicultural Affairs at Fordham University.   Marianne Williamson stated eloquently in her book Return to Love, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. […]

Obama’s Re-Election: A National Awakening


I feel blessed to witness a clear and powerful sociocultural shift in this country. Our diversity of people, cultures and values is stronger than its ever been. Women, Latinos, African-Americans, LGBTs, immigrants, and other groups that have been traditionally disenfranchised are now a powerful core of the fabric of this country. Collectively, we are the […]

Latina Spotlight: Leticia Caban, Creative, Artist, Writer, Entrepreneur, and Blogger


Leticia Caban is a creative, writer, artist, entrepreneur, creator of Bella Vida by Letty, and blogger.  What is your country of origin/ cultural background: My heritage comes from Puerto Rico, la isla del encanto.  Both of my parents were born in Puerto Rico.  My father moved to Chicago when he was five years old and […]

7 Ways Abuelita Saves Money On Utilities

Tips on Household budgeting

Abuelitas make for some of the toughest, feistiest, spiciest Latinas around.  And you better believe that they know how to save some money.  Here are some money saving tips from the old school the help you make the most of you budget! Old School Money Saving Tips Pontes un suéter.  Did you know that for […]

Plant Your Career in a STEM Field

Latinas in STEM fields, New Latina, Careers

This October the Bureau of Labor Statistics announced that U.S. economy added approximately 171,000 jobs to the market, contributing to a collective sigh of relief as the country continues to rebound from a long, hard recession.  However, 3.2 million STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) field jobs remain available due to the fact that there are […]

Are You House Poor?


Your home might be your castle, but is your castle bleeding your wallet dry?  Deciding how much house or apartment you can afford isn’t as easy as looking at your monthly mortgage or rent payment.  Square footage and the age of the dwelling can severely impact other associated house expenses like utilities, insurances, and maintenance, […]

5 Fitness Rules That Will Whip Your Career Into Shape

New Latina, Whip Your Career Into Shape

Many fitness professionals are successful entrepreneurs, and it’s no wonder why. As it turns out, many of the rules that apply to getting fit, ripped and toned, can be applied to improving your career! Here are 5 fitness rules that will improve your work ethic and whip your career into shape! Fitness Rule #1: Assess […]

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