Jul 28, 2015


How Much Money Do You Really Make


Have you ever stopped to think about how much money you really make?  We all have this round, pretty number in our heads that represents our salary.  It’s typically rounded to the nearest hundred or thousand, it’s pretty to write down, and makes us feel all warm and snug when we think about it.  Unfortunately, […]

Whittling the Wage Gap: Where and How Women Can Outearn Men

Group of businesspeople having a meeting.

Recently, New Latina shared a recent study published by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, revealing that the gender wage gap has failed to narrow in the last decade, narrowing less than half of one percentage point. At present, the average American woman earns 81 cents for every dollar earned by her male counterpart.  However, […]

Lisann Valentin: Lawyer-Turn-Actress Breaking the Mold for Latina Actresses

Lisann Valentin

Lisann Valentin is no stranger to taking on new and different roles. Valentin, a native New Yorker, already writes, produces, contributes to Latism-NYC, and is a lawyer-turn-actress. So, it comes as no surprise that this driven Latina would jump at the chance to play a ground-breaking role in the independent film, Made From Scratch. The film […]

Latina Cubicle Confidential™– Cosmetics, Braids, Tattoos, and Other Image Dilemmas for the Modern Latina at Work

Latina Cubicle Confidential Logo_300px

During the recent New Latina teleconference “Personal Branding for Latinas: Your Image Your Opportunity”, I spoke briefly in response to a question from host Angelica Perez about bringing our cultural identity and personal brand to work in how we dress.   Most women can relate to the challenge of asking, “what should I wear today”.  For […]

Spotlight on Vanessa and Veronica Cedillos, Professional Violinist and Engineer


Today’s Latina Spotlight is on Vanessa and Veronica Cedillos, two incredibly talented violinists, and sisters, who set out on a road trip through ten South American countries with the mission to inspire children with their music.   What’s your country of origin or family heritage? Vanessa: We were born in El Paso, Texas on the border […]

How To Build a Startup: An FREE & Engaging Online Course via Udacity.com


One of the most challenging barriers for aspiring entrepreneurs is figuring out the steps and the processes involved in creating a startup.  Udacity is breaking down those barriers by offering a free course on how to build a new business venture. This user-friendly, engaging and smart course is taught by Steve Blank, a seasoned Silicon Valley […]

Calm & Soothing Sunday: 9 Minute Video – Yoga For Beginners

Yoga Photo 1

Sunday is a great day to relax, re-invigorate and take care of yourself, as you prepare for the new week. This LIVESTRONG Woman video will take you from “good” to “great!” in just 9 minutes. LIVESTRONG Woman is your personal guide to becoming a better, healthier you, courtesy of LIVESTRONG.COM.

Latina Spotlight: Jazmin Chavez, J.D., Social Media Strategist and Social Innovator

Latina Spotlight, Jazmin Chavez

Today’s  New Latina Spotlight is on Jazmin Chavez, J.D., Social Media Strategist and Entrepreneur!   What is your country of origin or family heritage? If you were born outside of this country, please share with us how old you were when you arrived to this country.  Please feel free to share immigration/migration stories. I was born in […]

USA Today Highlights 6 Latin@ Bloggers to Watch


A new generation of Latin@ bloggers are leveraging the blogosphere to empower and impact the Latino community. The fall/winter issue of USA Today’s Hispanic Living Magazine highlights six Latin@ bloggers who are using their blogs and digital media platforms to promote career, business, cultura, music, parenting, news and technology among Latinos. The six Latin@ bloggers are: […]

Exciting Book Reading Event: “Café Dulcet” at La Casa Azul Bookstore, NYC, October 7, 2012!


If you love book readings, smart conversations and good mingling, we found an event you won’t want to miss!  Chiquis Barrón will read from her new book, Café Dulcet, at the beautiful and cozy La Casa Azul Bookstore (Latina-owned, by the way)! Set in the colorful backdrop of the Arizona-Mexico border, Café Dulcet is an insightful story […]

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