Aug 04, 2015


[Podcast] Personal Branding for Latinas: Your Image, Your Opportunity

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Personal Branding for Latinas: Your Image, Your Opportunity On August 22nd, 2012, the Latina Leadership Network, created by Angélica Pérez, PhD, hosted an informative and insightful conference call conversation with Dr. Maria Hernandez, on personal branding, as part of the network’s Latina leaders Speakers Series.  Dr. Hernandez touched upon the importance of personal branding for success, professional development […]

Diary of an Ivy League Mom™ – Move In Day at Harvard

Elizabeth Garcia

In 1985, I began my college years at Columbia University, and had the best four years of my life.  The oldest daughter of Dominican immigrant parents, I learned on my own how to navigate and conquer the college admissions process. It was not easy then, and it certainly isn’t easier today.  In fact, gaining admissions […]

Latina Cubicle Confidential™- Can You Talk Politics At Work?


If your office gets into a morning round of discussions on the latest convention coverage or presidential debate, do you participate? During an election year, there are a wide range of topics that can become polarizing faster than you imagine.  This year the big issues of the day are the treatment of undocumented immigrants, job […]

Latinas and Wealth: Releases Pilot Survey Results

Latinas and Wealth

Editor’s Note:  To understand the financial literacy needs of our Latina readers, Adrianna Domingos-Lupher,  our personal finance contributor, recently launched an online survey, “Latinas & Wealth,” and produced an infographic depicting the findings of this pilot survey.  Fifty-one Latinas completed the survey and provided valuable quantitative data, as well as qualitative data focusing on their financial […]

Diary of an Ivy League Mom™- Preparing for the PSAT in Seventh Grade


The Diary of an Ivy League Mom™ is a column written by Angelica Perez-Litwin, PhD, a Latina mom who’s passionate about higher education and raising intellectually curious and mindful children. August 27, 2012 Our 12 year old son begins 7th grade in a few weeks.  I’m already thinking (more like worrying) about the educational activities outside […]

Self-Love 101: A Mujer Must Have Standards

love yourself in wood type

  Self-Love Is Not A Phase As Latinas, the second we hear someone say “I NEED,” many of us are ready to GIVE (sometimes) without even considering how it will affect us. This is due to many of us being raised as givers, caretakers, nurturers, etc. We tend to misinterpret self-love solely as self-serving because […]

Go Out and Change the World, Mujer!

Osmara Vindel conquer the world JPEG

  Osmara Vindel, the talented Life Coach and Speaker, invites us to conquer the world and think BIG, by liberating ourselves from unquestioned and limiting expectations from family and society. She encourages us to break down the barriers and defy the “status quo” that might have stunted us Latina women from believing that we could “make a […]

Watch Out! Multitasking is Draining Your Brain [Infographic]



I Have Hypothyroidism — Have You Checked Your Thyroid Function Lately?


Hypothyroidism is something that I face every single day — first thing in the morning — as I reach for my bottle of Synthroid to take my daily dose (.88mc).  This is a ritual I will need to maintain for the rest of my life, in order to keep healthy. Back in 2005, I began […]

A Latina Experience: On Growth, Harvard and Self-Discovery

Harvard University Students relaxing along Charles River

My mother once told me that I could make it anywhere, that it did not matter whether I was in the United States or the Dominican Republic. She knew I was going to be a professional. My brain was the key, my mother would say… I am proud of all the things that I have […]

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