Jul 30, 2015


The Need for an Innovative Approach to Latina Leadership Training {via Huffington Post}

Latina executive

This article was published in the Huffington Post. Latinas are uniquely positioned to become the next cadre of powerful leaders in this country. Forbes’ recent cover article: The Next Media Jackpot: The $1 Trillion Hispanic Market, featuring Sofia Vergara as television’s best paid actress, sheds light into the increasing influence of Latinas as individuals and as […]

Latina Cubicle Confidential™–Can’t Stop Sharing Too Much Information? WAIT!


Have you ever been on the other end of experiencing TMI—Too Much Information?  Even if you consider yourself to be friends with a colleague at work, it can be awkward to hear about the details of someone’s personal life.  As a Latina, we often cherish being in close personal relationships and accept this as part […]

PLEASURE Is NOT A Dirty Word: Empower Your Sexuality Mujer!

NL PLEASURE Is Not A Dirty Word

“ A “Latina’s Place” In Sexuality As Latinas, many of us learned about our “roles” in sexuality while we were helping our mamis, tias y abuelas cook dinner and tending to other domestic responsibilities. Many Latinas were taught that women’s roles in sexuality are solely for procreation, pleasing her (male sexual) partner (in which he […]

Como aliviar la ansiedad por el regreso a clases a tu hijo


  Muchas lágrimas son derramadas en el comienzo de un año escolar, mientras los padres y los pequeños se adaptan al proceso de separación. Hay algunas cosas que podemos hacer para ayudar a suavizar este ritual, así como también  algunas cosas que podemos entender para ayudar a hacerlo sentirse más fácil. Primero, un poco de […]

Diary of an Ivy League Mom: Preparing Emotionally as My Daughter Leaves to College

India and Angelica at Graduation CORRECTED-1

Yesterday, I found myself googling the words “empty nest syndrome” and doing what I always do when I feel anxious: read everything I can find on the subject. The days are numbered.  My daughter leaves to Harvard College in exactly 32 days. Of course I’m superbly proud of her — it is no small feat […]

Business Start-Up: 8 Powerful Questions to Clarify Your Business Concept

Business Charts

Having a great business idea is exciting and motivating.  But you’ll need to translate that idea into a business concept if you want to move forward with your business start up.  That is, you need to describe how your service or products will meet new or existing needs, and offer a more competitive edge than existing companies […]

Think Like a Millionaire: Start with Your T.E.A.

thoughts, emotions, actions

Part I of the Awakening the Millionaire Mind post defined the poverty mindset and described how it limits us in all areas of our lives.  It also offered some insight into the mind and behaviors of financially successful people. Today, we discuss how thoughts are at the core of our behaviors and actions.  We then […]

Latina Cubicle Confidential™ – The Impostor Syndrome Among Latinas


The Impostor Syndrome Have you seen the “impostor syndrome” among successful women executives? Do YOU feel like an impostor some days? Women who are remarkably accomplished can at times see their achievements as somehow a product of luck versus their own hard work.  If this persists, the result is a constant, nagging doubt that somehow […]

Marie Forleo: A Valuable Resource for the Entrepreneurial Latina

Marie Forleo

Are you a driven Latina with an entrepreneur spirit thinking of starting an online business? You are not alone. In today’s economy, an increasing number of women are thinking outside the box and considering alternative work options, including creating their own business.  In fact, in 2007, 29% percent of all businesses in this country were […]

Latina Leadership Training: Why It Matters


As the U.S. population increases, it is projected that by 2050, Latinos will make up 29% of the country’s population.  This means that one out of three individuals in this country will be Latino.  That’s a powerful statement. Now that the Latino presence has been established in the United States, it is imperative that we […]

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