Jul 28, 2015


Life Is Clear With A New Pair of Eyeglasses


I have been wearing my new two pairs of prescription Transitions Lenses eyeglasses over the past couple of months.  I had absolutely no idea how poor my vision was until I went to the optometrist office for an eye exam.  The last time I had my eyes examined was years ago, which made me realize […]

How Clinical Psychology is Improving our Understanding of Internet Addiction

Internet Addiction

The emergence of the internet in the past twenty years has changed the way we communicate, conduct business, and spend our free time. In many ways it has made our lives easier – we have at our fingertips a wealth of information about every topic under the sun – and in many ways it has […]

Lessons on Love & Familia from Mi Mamá


Lessons on Love & Familia from Mi Mamá I have many friends and family members who are mothers. There are times we all get together and I tend to stay a little quieter about giving advice or sharing too much of my experience. Sometimes I am over-critical of myself. I think it has to do […]

Latinas Open Up About Their Struggle With Weight and Beauty Ideals: “It Starts Young…”


Trying to live up to impossible beauty ideals is one of the most distressing problems plaguing women today. We all too easily join ranks with the industries making money off our insecurities, to engage in a war against ourselves. This “war” takes many forms, but the most common of all is our obsession with weight, […]

Galvanizing a New Latina Movement: Angélica Pérez is Guest Speaker at NYC Latino Professionals Meet Up! Join Us!


In March, the Latina Leadership Presentation featured NYCLP member Dr. Damary Bonilla-Rodriguez.  The presentation was based on Dr. Damary Bonilla-Rodriguez’s dissertation, “A Profile of Latina Leadership in the United States: Characteristics, Positive Influences, and Barriers,” in which she identified five categories of the essential characteristics to being an effective Latina leader.  One of the five essential categories was […]

The “My Natural Hair is Professional” Initiative

Natural Hair is Professional

My Natural Hair is Professional A growing number of Latinas are reaffirming and embracing their natural beauty by proudly growing their natural hair.  Such empowering decisions are often questioned and frowned upon society at large, as documented in this video we previously shared.  Professional settings, in particular, appear to have less tolerance for natural hair. […]

Hispanicize 2012: An Event, Experience, Movement or All?


Last month, the Hispanicize 2012 Event took place in Miami, from April 10th to the 14th.  To call it a “conference” is to undermine the significance this unprecedented event.  Of course, all the elements of a successful conference were there — a good range of informative panels and workshops; talented and well-respected speakers; a high-end […]

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