Aug 02, 2015


A Daughter’s Love Note and Self-Portrait Gift


This morning, our 17-year old daughter sent me the following text: “I want you and Pops to go to my room and look at my painting. There is a card there for you two, above it.” I went to her room and saw this beautiful self-portrait she had been secretly working on.  She had not […]

Latinas, Do You Know Your Sexual Responsibility?


The Path to Sexual Responsibility So you are a modern Latina. You’re pursuing an education or a career or have already achieved your goals for success (y sigue adelante, hermana). You love your culture and give back to your community. And on top of that you are a woman that embraces her sexuality, yet sometimes […]

If You’re Feeling Lonesome on St. Valentine’s Day


I am a cynic when it comes to celebrating holidays like St. Valentine’s Day.  I can’t help but think about consumerism and the multi-billion dollar earnings by flower companies and the lingerie industry.  I resent the useless pressure placed on individuals who are truly in love, to act a certain way and expect certain things from […]

Men in the Kitchen – Tilapia with Lemon Pepita Sauce


Ladies it’s that time of the year. The month of Love.  Romance is in the air and men around the world scurry, determined to find the perfect gift.   I say get those fabulous men in the kitchen.  How sexy is a man serving up a delicious meal to the woman he loves? Que rico! Hasta […]

When Mami Is Not The Mother You Wish You Had


Shared Love of Laundry


People talk about the many ways in which humans and their dogs connect. My dog Frida and I connect through our shared love of laundry. Ever since I did my first load, I discovered my love for laundry. I do laundry several times a week even though we are only two adults at home. Frida […]

Stop Acting Like A “Real Housewife” and Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself


If you watch The Real Housewives on Bravo TV, chances are you have seen episodes where these rich ladies complain about everything in their lives:  their workaholic husbands, their inept assistant, and the stress of having to pack their high end luggage for their next trip to Hawaii. They whine, they yell and become all […]

Do You Have a Personality Disorder?


“¿Yo, loca?  Of course not…I’m just a little out there…” The Different Types of Personality Disorders Mental illness continues to be a taboo subject for many Latinos.  The stigma is so strong within our culture, that mental illness problems are often ignored, denied or not talked about.  We use limited phrases like:  está loco (crazy); le […]

Help Summer Search Mentor Future Leaders


On April 16, 2012, a team of dedicated runners will make the historic 26.2 mile trek from Hopkinton to Boston in support of Summer Search.  One of them will be Rodolfo R. Vega, husband to my long-term mentor and dear friend, Dharma Cortes.  Rodolfo will be running in the Summer Search Boston Marathon to raise $7,500 […]

Career Spotlight: What is a Physician Assistant?

Portrait of smiling female doctor

My dear cousin, Amanda, graduated with a degree as a Physician Assistant last year, at the age of 23!  She completed her studies at  Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education in New York.  Weeks after she graduated from the physician assistant program, Amanda was fully employed in a large hospital, delivering babies!  And because she’s young and […]

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