Aug 01, 2015


“The Four Agreements”: Don’t Take It Personally


This week is Archived week.  In preparation for our FREE Renewal Challenge E-course, starting this January 15, we are re-publishing five of our top personal development articles to help you kick start your year and challenge yourself to create the life you deserve.  Stick with us for more excellent insights and resources to help you achieve a brilliant and empowered […]

8 Dating & Sexual Resolutions to Attract the Love You Deserve

dating love

How to be Successful in the Dating Game So it’s the beginning of 2012 and you’re still single. Have you been dating someone where things are just not progressing the way you’d hoped? Are you only getting involved with men on a sexual level? Did you just get out of a relationship? Do you only […]

Balancing Life, Work and Everything Else

balancing life

Balancing life is essential for fulfillment and happiness.  If you’re feeling out of sorts, exhausted, empty or emotional, chances are you’re depleted.  The reality is that we, Latina women, get a lot accomplished.  We work, build careers and businesses, mother our children, care for our parents (andabuelitos and suegras), support our husbands/partners, and even help out in our communities. […]

Only You Hold the Truth to Your Power


What’s Your Power Score? From 1 to 100 (higher numbers indicating more power), how powerful are you?  Are you a 90? or a 35?  Think of a number and write it down right now — this is your PS (Power Score). What does it mean to you to be powerful? Power comes in all shapes and […]

5 Must-Read Articles About Latino Identity

what are you?

One of the realities of being Latino in the U.S. is juggling dual identities.  Bicultural Latinos in the U.S. face unique challenges while straddling borders between greater American culture and their personal Latino identity. At New Latina, we make it our mission to highlight the stories of bicultural and multicultural Latinas who are balancing their […]

M.I.T. Now Offers Free Online Education

Mid age woman working on computer in library

M.I.T. Free Online Education! Have you been contemplating going back to school to complete a degree, change careers or simply expand your knowledge in a certain area?  Well, getting a free online education might be the way to start the new year and empower your life. Beginning in the Spring of 2012, The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.) will […]

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