Jul 28, 2015


Spotlight: Carmen Ordoñez, Founder/CEO of Conectando Periodistas

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Country of Origin or Family Heritage: I was born in New York, but grew up and currently live in Miami, Florida. My Family is originally from Colombia. Degrees you hold:  Bachelor of Science in Journalism Current occupation and title: Founder/CEO of Conectando Periodistas and Founder of Viva Fashion Professional/Social Achievements: Aside from launching my fashion […]

CRAVE: A Resource for Women Entrepreneurs | Connect, Inspire & Succeed


Entrepreneur Resource Spotlight:   The CRAVE Company CRAVE is one of those rare one stop shop for aspiring and established women entrepreneurs. We love their innovative approach to promoting women’s entrepreneurial spirit and connecting business women around the world.  For that reason (and for their gorgeous website and CRAVE guides), the spotlight is on CRAVE as […]

Create iPhone Apps That Rock: A Guide for Non-Technical Folks

how to create iphone apps

Create iPhone Apps That Rock: A Guide for Non-Technical Folks You may have had this thought yourself or know someone who has: “I have a great app idea.”  Don’t worry, you’re not alone.  But ideas are a dime a dozen.  It’s the execution that counts.  So where do you start? Well you might be surprised […]

Ticket Giveaway to BlogHer Entrepreneurs Conference!


BlogHer Entrepreneurs Conference If you’re a woman who has a big idea that involves technology, the internet or social media, BlogHer is bringing back a unique opportunity! Last year, I attended the first BlogHer Entrepreneurs conference and had the experience of a lifetime!  Now, I want YOU to attend the second BlogHer Entrepreneurs conference! The BlogHer […]

Dog food versus human food


“Comida, comida, comida” (“food, food, food”). Those were Mickey’s words – our next door talkative mynah bird— the moment he heard my father open the backyard door every morning to feed our menagerie before he went to work. Fast forward 30+ years and I am with my dog Frida at the vet. The vet assistant […]

Join the 3rd Annual Silicon Valley Latino Leadership Summit

2012 Silicon Valley Latino Leadership Summit

Silicon Valley Latino Leadership Summit Join the 3rd Annual Silicon Valley Latino Leadership Summit on May 19, 2012, presented by Es Tiempo, Hispanic-Net and Gracefully Global SVLLS.  This inspirational one-day summit will bring together over 250 leaders in business, education and government as well as successful entrepreneurs, political leaders and executives! The Silicon Valley Latino Leadership […]

Interview with Robert Reyes, a Latino Vineyard Owner & Wine Producer


Today’s Spotlight Interview is with Robert Reyes, Wine Producer and Owner of Reyes Winery- a vineyard based in California. Roberts spoke with New Latina and shared with us his history and his thoughts about wine and Latinos. New Latina: Robert, you are one of the few Latinos in this country who can say they own a […]

Got Body Pain and Stress? Take a Relaxing Warm Bath

Ultimate relaxation

Widespread body pain and muscle stiffness related to stress can be your body’s alarm system — a no-nonsense reminder that you’re doing too much and your body needs care and rest. A Relaxing Warm Bath Can Make Miracles One of the sure ways to cope with pain is to treat yourself to a peaceful, warm […]

You Are More Than Good Enough: The Power of Saying “Yes” to You!


Book Recommendation In her debut guide to practical self-love and spirituality, You Are More Than Good Enough: A Journey to Freedom, Joy, and Authentic Self-Expression, puertorriqueña Gloria Rodriguez carries us through her personal journey from fashion executive to professor, personal empowerment coach, and ultimately, author. It is, in fact, her struggle with writer’s block and […]

How to Set & Achieve Goals

setting goals

Set & Achieve Goals by Changing Your Mindset I have received so many emails from friends and readers telling me how difficult it is to set achievable goals. Some tell me that they just have too many goals and don’t know which one to tackle.  Others find themselves totally confused about what it is they […]

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