Aug 01, 2015


Losing My Curves, Gaining New Strength: My Battle with Breast Cancer


Growing up as a young Latina, we tend to often have a love-hate relationship with our natural-born, feminine curves. For me, I quickly learned to embrace my perky C-cup breasts because, as a rather petite 5’1” female, I lacked the voluminous curves in my bottom half. So I was always happy with the curves that […]

Latino Blogger Spotlight: Juan Alanis of


Today’s Spotlight is on Juan Alanis (@juanofwords), Founder & Editor of – a Brand Advocate & Consultant, Freelance Writer, Mexicano bien Texano, Father, Husband, etc.  Juan is also Director of the NEW Houston LATISM Chapter. You can find Juan on Facebook at On his blog,, Juan writes about bicultural life in the U.S. with a unique […]

“And the Top Latin@ Blogger LATISM Award Goes To: Angélica Pérez”

Angelica at Latism

Last night was magical. There I was, sitting among a group of beloved and supportive amigas blogueras at the LATISM11 Gala Award event in Chicago, waiting for my nomination category to be called.  Was I nervous?  Yes, of course. But beyond nervous, I was especially touched by the loud cheers generated from the crowd, when the announcer […]

How Many Stories Do Your Fotos Tell?


Photography Built-in cameras in cellphones have made photography a common occurrence in our lives.  I like photography, especially travel photography, because photos tell stories:  the camera becomes the medium through which I take in what is in front of me and the “black box” that produces the story I want to convey.  There have been […]

8 Tips for Shiny, Sexy and Healthy Hair!


Healthy Hair Tips Your hair is your number one accessory. It can add or take away from your overall look, so it’s important to take care of it. Here I share some beauty tips to keep your tresses in healthy and beautiful condition! 1. CHILL WITH THE LATHER One of the biggest misconceptions people have […]

Finding Balance: Weight Loss After Pregnancy

Weight Loss

Image source Weight loss after pregnancy isn’t easy.  Sixteen months after the birth of my son, I am still struggling to get off extra pregnancy weight and restore some semblance of order to my hormones. In addition to the extra pounds, my skin is simply, well… not my skin! My once clean, bright complexion has […]

Introducing: Aunt Clara (Founder of

aunt clara dominican cooking

Boredom is my bane, one of the few things I cannot bear. I started my professional career fresh out of the university with a diploma that accredited me as an industrial designer. Less than two years after my graduation I quit my job. A stroke of serendipity landed me a job in a very different […]

How to Know When Your Old Makeup Has Gone Bad


  I’ll be the first to admit, that if you peeked through my makeup bags you might find lipsticks and eye shadows from 3 or 4 years ago. We all tend to hang on to our favorite beauty products longer than we’re supposed to. The truth is, makeup isn’t meant to last forever and can […]

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