Aug 03, 2015


Raising My Son to Be “Un Caballero” (A Gentleman)

Gentleman 2

“It’s a boy…!” the doctor announced enthusiastically, while looking at the sonogram screen. I felt like crying. I was immediately overwhelmed by a deep sense of responsibility I had not felt before with my first child — a girl. How am I going to make sure I raise a good man?  I asked myself. The […]

Smart Parenting Tip: How to Survive Running Errands with Kids

Smart Parenting: The Five Points Game

Shopping.  Fun. Shopping with pequeñitos?  Not so much. Like many mamas out there, I often find myself shopping (especially grocery shopping) with my little ones in tow.  For the most part they are good, but there are times I end up running more errands than they can handle.  After several stops, they start feeling the stress […]

How To Find The Right Foundation For Your Skin Tone

Beautiful woman with confidence

  When it comes to doing your makeup, your skin comes first. So it’s all about finding the right foundation, which is meant to help you achieve that even-toned, perfectly luminous-looking skin (if you can find the right formula and shade). I don’t know about you, but it’s not always easy for me to find […]

Thanksgiving Dishes Latinas Love!


I must confess: I’m not much of a cook. In fact, I’m a kitchen dunce. But no worries, I have Thanksgiving Day covered. We’re having dinner at my mother’s home (again) and I have my dear foodie friends for inspiration. I asked four of my Latina friends to share one of their favorite Thanksgiving recipes. […]

Mexican Cornbread Dressing

stuffing 025

The Thanksgiving countdown has begun!  The key to a stress free Thanksgiving is planning and prepping.  Throwing a in little prayer never hurts either!  I make a lot of my dishes the day before to cut down on the time in the kitchen. Thanksgiving  is a day to give thanks, spend time with your loved […]

Add a Latin Twist to Your Thanksgiving: Guajillo Cranberry Sauce


Thanksgiving just isn’t Thanksgiving without the cranberry sauce.  In prepping for your Holiday dinner this year, don’t feel pressured into relying on a canned version for your Holiday table.  Instead, I strongly encourage you to try making fresh  cranberry sauce.  Trust me it’s worth it.  Relax, breathe.  Cranberry sauce is easy to make, flexible in flavor […]

Fotografía from the inside out (en Cuba)

La quinceañera

 La Quinceañera during Cuba’s special period A Few Líneas – is a weekly column — less than 200-word posts on everyday trivial and not-so-trivial observations, by Dharma E. Cortes. Today is time for MORE than “A few líneas” because 200 words are not enough to share one of my best travel experiences ever. I recently spent a […]

Mi Mami: An Immigrant Entrepreneur in New York City

abuela dominicana, women entrepreneurs, women businessowners

Mami is 66 years old.  She gets up at 5AM to get ready for a long day of work at her small coffee shop in Manhattan.  She calls it el negocito (the small business). She has the energy of lightning — she moves quickly around her apartment in the Bronx, and takes a speedy walk […]

Sleepless in the Suburbs, Chasing Dreams

Beautifil lady is surfing the internet late

My head is pounding with a headache.  Last night, again, I went to sleep at 2AM, working on a project while watching House Hunters episodes on the HGTV network. For those of you who don’t already know, I must confess:  I have a mild addiction to House Hunters. Some people meditate to feel centered, some people […]

4 Minutes of Music Inspiration: It’s Time to be Brave, Be Your Own Savior


Is it time to say goodbye to that situation that’s been weighing you down, or confusing your mind and heart? Are you ready to be brave, be your own savior…stand on your own two feet? Here’s “Turning Tables” by Adelle.  Enjoy and do what you gotta do.    

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