Aug 01, 2015


Part III: My Journey to Bipolar Disorder Diagnosis: A Blessing in Disguise


Editor’s Note:  This is part III of a three part series under our “New Latina Voices” column.  Part I is HERE and Part II is HERE.   Baby on Board Many people cannot have children; I should have considered myself lucky. Most of the women I know who share the good news cry tears of happiness and […]

Part II: My Journey to Bipolar Disorder Diagnosis: A New Chapter – Washington, D.C.


Editor’s Note:  This is a 3-part series under our “New Latina Voices” column.  Click read Part I, click HERE. Part III will be published tomorrow. Part II: A New Chapter: Washington, D.C. After all of the hospital craziness, I was a mess!  My sister and her partner offered me a temporary home in their apartment; […]

Water or leche?

baby boy

As I walk into the Latino hair salon/barbershop where I get my hair done, I observe a sweet scene: a young Latino dad feeding his son a biberón of milk while he talks to his buddies and waits for his turn to get his hair cut. When I take a second look at the scene, […]

Life as an Empowered, Ambitious and Bicultural Latina


Carrying one small suitcase and a load of dreams, my parents immigrated to this country in 1965, from the Dominican Republic. Two years later, they were married and I became their first born child. A middle school dropout, my mother’s first job in this country was in a leather coat factory as a seamstress. My father, […]

Ask a Professional: Should I End My On Again, Off Again Relationship?


Mentoring Hermanas is a Q & A platform on Facebook where your burning questions are answered by a group of professional Latina women.  To submit your question, click here. QUESTION: I had a relationship with a man years ago and still love him, but need your help to understand. He goes on the regular channels, dating, corting, meet […]

Sneak Peek of Redbook’s Red Carpet Event

RedBook Red Carpet Event

On Thursday, September 23rd, New Latina was invited to attend RedBook’s Red Carpet event at Grand Central Terminal in New York City. There were a variety of different booths available—including personalized hair consultations courtesy of Pantene Pro-V and makeup sessions courtesy of Revlon! Yours truly indulged in both, getting some big loose curls and a […]

My favorite NYC


Beautiful light, fewer pedestrians, nannies with their charges sitting at a park, a mom with both baby and doggy sitting side by side in the two stroller’s compartments, street vendors setting up their wares, restaurants, food stalls and food trucks getting ready for the lunch crowd…It must be midmorning in New York City— my favorite […]

Health Coaches: A New Type of Healthcare Professional

Health coaching

Have you ever set a weight loss goal but failed to reach it? Has a doctor ever asked you to make a lifestyle change that was difficult? Do you find yourself grabbing that empanada and kicking yourself later? Have you ever felt like you just didn’t have the time? These types of scenarios are common […]

5 Tips To Fall-ify Your Beauty Regimen!


Fall is here and as the season changes so should your beauty routine.  As the temperature starts to drop, cold and dry air saps out your natural moisture, leaving skin dry, chapped and irritated. Check out my 5 tips on how to get your skin prepped for the fall! Don’t Loose the sunscreen! You’re no […]

Choosing the Best Dating Site for You

Online Dating

There are hundreds of dating sites you can try and billions of people on them. Thank goodness it’s no longer seen as the crazy thing to do! It is widely accepted that busy people need a way to meet other busy people. Still, depending on where you are in your life right now and what […]

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